My Shoedazzle top 5 winter pics

Yes it is winter. It is cold and annoying. That doesn’t mean you can be fab.

Here are my top 5 wish list picks. They are all from

Reese Thigh High Boot– a black boot is always a necessity and these are perfect!

Tezza Pointed-Toe Bootie– is perfect when wanting to bring some bling to your look.

Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit– The best thing about this is you can dress it up or down.

Distressed Signature Skinny’s– Need I say more?

Ace– This is by far one of my favorite totes. I have about 5 colors and I’m coming for that silver!

8 Replies to “My Shoedazzle top 5 winter pics”

  1. I really love the first boots I’ve never tried shoe dazzle or just fab since I have such wide feet and muscular calves but those boots look like they just may work so I’m going to check it out. Great post love!

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