The Struggles Of Blogging

This post may have some sponsored links, but all opinions are that of my own.If you’re like me and you have a demanding job ( preschool Teacher), blogging often takes a back seat. With the ever so demanding world of blogging/vlogging it can get discouraging. It has taken me quite a while to take my blogging seriously. A part of me is happy for slowly dipping my toes in one by one before jumping in.

I have been going through a lot in life and blogging/vlogging had been my outfit. It has been therapeutic. My love for fashion and education has been revived and having an outlet to share it has been great. I have finally figured out some sort of schedule ( i think, lol) and finally found a consistent photographer ( i hope, lol), which means i don’t have to take my own pics anymore.

I absolutely give it to those people who blog/vlog daily or on a very consistent basis. One day i have hopes one getting there. For those who think blogging/vlogging is easy… you’re absolutely WRONG! I have taken series of photos and when it was all said and done, after all the hard work none were suitable, either my face was off, my body was off, the light was off, something was off. Ive taken a but of pics and a shot videos to fine my SD won’t read… It has been frustrating but that’s a part of life.I still have more work to to and more material to get to continue to improve, but slow and steady progress.

Outfit deets:

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Shoes: Here ( they are currently having a sale, get these for 19.99)

Trench: Similar one here. The one I have is years old.

24 Replies to “The Struggles Of Blogging”

  1. This outfit!! I love the way the skirt set fits. I’m glad that you’ve figured out some kind of groove with blogging and the other aspects of your life. It’s definitely a struggle, but producing great posts like this are a great way to motivate!

  2. These colors on your skin are absolutely gorgeous on your skin. But you are so right about the struggles of consistently blogging especially when you have a full time job and other responsibilities. I find the editing process such a creative outlet though and that keeps me going. I’m right there with you!

  3. First of all cute outfit! Well done for figuring it out! I think every blogger can relate to this- I don’t think anyone ever finds a ‘perfect’ schedule, it’s all about finding what works for you

  4. You look amazing! Blogging is HARD I blog full-time and find myself working 24/7. I’m also a stay at home mom so my hands are always full.

  5. The set really compliments your body type and skin tone. I love how it fits…I know for me it can be a struggle sometimes. You wore this well and the monochrome look with the shoes is also a wow factor. Glad you’ve found a consistent photographer. I think as bloggers we can all understand that struggle. Have a beautiful day and keep blogging. Androgynine

  6. Firstly…you look great! And as for blogging it can definitely be a challenge. Finding the time and sometimes when I do have the time I also have to find the motivation because I can get so tired from doing everything else. I find that planning posts ahead of time really helps. And now that I’m doing fashion posts, I found a photographer that actually knows how to photograph and give directions so that I can look my best in all my photos.

    Great post and keep on going girl!

  7. Girl, stop!! I thought I was the only one! OH MAN! I’ve wanted to stop so many times, but its just the passion that keeps me going most days! I totally relate to this post, great job! Love the look too!

  8. I love the look!! Thank you for opening up about this. It sometimes feels as though there aren’t others who feel the struggle blogging consistently can be. I’ve recently started my blog back up and have been taking it seriously. That and balancing a full time job? Owww Weee it’s a struggle indeed. Keep at it girl, you got this!!

  9. Loving the monochromatic vibes! I wholeheartedly agree. Blogging takes A LOT. A lot of people only see it as a hobby when in actuality it’s someone’s way of life! We’re gonna make it girlie!

  10. I understand the struggle girl. I got tired of depending on people to get good shots so I invested in a tripod and a universal smartphone adapter and now do my own shoots when no one is around. I also get trying to juggle a writing schedule. It can be demanding but when you take the pressure off and just write what you love it’ll glow. Even if you have to start, save draft, and come back to it. Love the skirtset too. Muted blush compliments you well!

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