Children are sponges. There is no limit to the information that they take in, before even being born the things you surround yourself with can help your baby. Singing, reading and talking to your baby has proven to be very helpful in language development. As parents it is important to watch what you day around children. It is equally as important to pay attention to how you say things. Pronouncing things the accurate way proves to be extremely helpful.

Talking “baby talk” may sound cute but it actually hinders a child’s speech. I have come across so many children that have a hard time pronouncing words because they are still taking “baby like”. More and more children are needing to take speech.

As adorable as it may sound for your little one to mis-pronounce a work correcting then is more helpful to the in the long run. make sure you are eye to eye with the child, have them watch your mouth and repeat you, be as clear as possible so they can see and hear the correct way to say it.

Language development in children starts at a very young age, The more you talk to them the better their language development will be.

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  1. This is so true and I didn’t realize just how much children absorb until I had my own. You are spot on with the baby talk. I have talked to my daughter like she was a little person since birth and her vocabulary is off the charts now at 3 yrs. Great read!

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