Black Is The New Black.

I am not the type of girl that likes all black. For years I stayed far away from wearing all black. It just wasn’t my thing. When I was younger I stayed in all black. I wanted to hide, blend in, be invisible. Wearing all black most of the time helped me with that.

Lately I’ve had a love affair with wearing all black. I’ve found some great pieces that have made me rethink my disdain for wearing all black. Here is one of my latest looks. My look is from

Outfit deets:


Shoes: Here

13 Replies to “Black Is The New Black.”

  1. Killing it as always! Love this outfit!
    All back is my default, black jeans, black top, black socks, shoes, jacket, bag- literally everything! I buy black pieces to pair with my colour pieces and then end up pairing them with other black pieces lol.

  2. If I had my old body I would definitely pull this off! I like it a lot. My new mommy body can’t wear this lol. I am digging the shoes as well. Black is one of my favorite colors. I used to wear black all of the time but I’ve thrown some color into my wardrobe now

  3. That fit is everything! I on the other hand have never really wore all black. I am literally just being attracted to it to for some reason. I think theres something just overall sexy about it. Im going to go out my shell and paint my nails black too.

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