Why do I love September so?

September is my absolute favorite month, yes it’s my birthday month but there are other reasons behind it. September is a beautiful month, the season changes and so does the environment.Leaves fall and change colors, the trees become more bare, the sunsets become more bright, the breeze becomes more crisp.

September is the month where fashion begins to change, you start to throw on that sweater or that oversized scarf, throwing on a hat with your head not burning up is now an option on a bad hair day or just because.

If you live in New York City, it’s fashion week… no more needs to be said about that.

2 of my favorite beautiful people are born in September my BFF (in my head) Beyoncé and my husband (in my head ) Idris Elba. There are more amazing ppl born in this month but along with myself these are my top two. Lol

September is absolutely magnificent, love it, embrace it, enjoy it.

outfit deets:

Dress: Dollar General $5

Shoes: Here

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