The Truth About Kinks and Hair grease

When I decided to go natural years ago I did what most ppl do, I researched. High and low i looked for the best way to manage my natural hair.  I found many helpful thing, things that i still use up to today, but I also found some questionable things. Since I was new  to this natural game I figured the majority of ppl that have been natural for a while should know better than me right? Well after a year or so I learned that not everything I discovered I trusted or even still believed. Hair grease was one of those things. I had completely stopped using hair grease, never mind the fact that my hair ( relaxed, long and thick) had always been saturated in hair grease. forget the fact that that is what my momma used and my cousins and I every week when doing our hair and our hair was always healthy, forget ALL of that.
Well as time went on i decided to pick up a jar of hair grease, I figured what could I loose. It was a big jar for 2.99 and a pretty blue ( just like I remembered, lol). the first time i used it, it was a disaster. My hair was weighed down and stringy, I was pissed, i figured these natural guru’s were right. I had just washed my hair and was forced to wash this crap out. The next time was monthssssss later. I decided to try it again because i ran out of what I needed. Let me tell you my hair felt amazingggggggggggggg! not only did it feel amazing it looked amazing. I vowed to keep this in my stash. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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  1. Hmmm…good observation. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to experience grease to see how it does for my scalp because I loc’d my hair. I don’t want to get build up in my locs. Research is great when you’re just starting out, however, I am glad you created your own path. That’s important, even in a hair journey!

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of people talk about the blue hair grease, especially on youtube! Still not sure if I want to buy any, because I remember always having problems with product buildup even when I was young.

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