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The older I get the more I want to focus on taking care of myself. Eating well, sleeping enough, and skin care. I’ve never been big into skin care because I’ve been lucky to not have many breakouts. My reason for changing this is because I began to wear makeup. I’ve heard horror stories about what makeup can do to your skin and I decided I needed to get on this skin care train.

This is what I’ve been using almost daily. I am looking to adding to it.

Bare face… I was just about to do a nice scrub.
After my scrub and makeup, my face had a nice glow… one I actually liked (I’m anti dewy, lol). 

Anyone have any good tips on a good skin care routine? I’m open for options.

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  1. Your skin is so radiant! And I love your hair also 😍.

    Recently I’ve been loving doing weekly charcoal masks on my oily acne-prone skin. Leaves it really firm and refreshed… calms down my breakouts too xx

  2. Your skin is great! I used to spend so much money on skin care and now i’m slowly reverting back to using natural products. Aloe vera gel as a cleanser/toner and lemon oil at night have made my skin clearer and brighter and also helped to balance my oil production. Great post!

  3. You’re skin looks amazing – both bare faced and with makeup!

    Like Behind the Schmile, I too have been using mostly natural products on my face. I wash with raw African black soap (the real kind) and will use the Aztec healing clay mask but mix it with apple cider vinegar. The soap can be a bit drying on some people’s skin, so test first 🙂

  4. I’m not into skin care and the only thing I use on my face is soap. Lately I’ve read a lot of reviews about Rose water and I’m willing to try it out. You face looks great!!

  5. Your skin is glowy and beautiful. Flawless. When I was younger, I focused alot on my skincare routine as well. Now it’s just second nature. One thing I’ve started using is facial oil. I thought since I already have oily skin it wouldn’t make sense, but facial oil has done wonders for my skin. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Eating well, sleeping enough, and skin care… I also focus on taking are of myself more and more 🙂 Your skin looks great ! I don’t usually wash my face in the morning because my skin tends to be dry. Instead, I apply an antioxidant-rich serum and then a few drops of tea tree oil.

  7. You look so glowing, simple and St Ives products are two of my favorite and they’re really easy on the skin and made with good ingredients too.

  8. I use St. Ives regularly, but I’ve never tried the oil scrub, just the regular daily scrub. This sounds wonderful alternative! Over night I use simple vaseline. I like my skin to be a bit dewy at night. It looks like baby’s skin by AM.

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