Palmers Coconut Oil formula Review.

This review is an unsolicited review. Now that that’s out of the way… here’s my review.

Ok, let me start by saying I am an ex product junkie. I had almost every product on the counters when I first went natural. Now I’m a minimalist when it comes to products. They are not only expensive at times (it adds up) but often a waste of money for me and my hair type. These days it’s hard for me to commit to buying a product. I decided to give this particular product a try. With my kinky hair it’s usually hit or miss so I wasn’t expecting too much.

I used these products on my wash day along with my usual wash day items. I did not use all the products pictured.

I tried the  conditioning shampoo which did not dry out my hair like usual shampoos do. I will add this to my list of shampoos. It lathered pretty well and as I stated my hair was not hard or dry. The smell was good which was a plus.

I added the repairing conditioner to my deep conditioner and it was a good add but not a necessity for me. I will try this product again alone when I wash my hair again.

I also used The curling styler on both my hair and my sons hair and it left my hair so soft. I absolutely love it and will definitely continue to use it and restock when I run out. It helps that it smells pretty good. 

I also used the edge control which did not justice to my kinky hair. I won’t be adding this to my rebuy list. I didn’t have high expectations of this since most edge control products don’t work for me, but it was worth a try.

All and all, I think the product is pretty good and would suggest it as a purchase.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’ve seen this product and walked by it because I haven’t heard anyone talk about it lol. Normally use the Palmers Olive Oil lol. Glad you did this review! Definitely going to try the shampoo and conditioner. Your hair looks lovely & healthy!

  2. Your hair looks so soft and healthy. I don’t think I’ve seen these products before, but the curling pudding sounds like something I would like to use. Is it thick? Or more of a watery pudding? If that makes sense

  3. I really need to get my hands on this line! I think this would be perfect for those winter months my hair can get super dry. Thanks for sharing

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