I remember being a child having to wear overalls. I absolutely hated them . They were too complicated to work. I couldn’t put them on and/or take them off. Having to use the bathroom was a disaster. My little hands could not maneuver the latch. I dreaded wearing them every time my mom put them on me.

I never thought I would actually want to wear overalls again in my life but… when presented with the opportunity I couldn’t turn it down. The first thing I had to figure out was what size to get. Knowing what I know about overalls they have no stretch at all!

So for sizing I definitely wanted to size up since I have a bit of hip, thighs and booty. Thank goodness I made this decision because had I got my size they would not have gotten past my knees.

The great thing about overalls is the versatility. You can wear them with sneakers, flats and heels. I decided to rock mine with heels (of course, lol). I did style it down and throw on one of my favorite tees.

Check out how I styled them:

This tee was made for me yearsss ago Here.


Purse: Here

Shoes: Here

39 Replies to “Overalls!! ”

  1. This looks super cute! When overalls starting blowing back up, I couldn’t figure out how to wear them, and always thought I would look dumb in them. This seems like a great way to style these.

  2. Yes! How cute is this fit. I own just two pairs of overalls and I would say the biggest struggle is figuring out what to wear with them and ensuring I don’t look frumpy. Yours seem like they are the PERFECT fit and you styled it up with the heels. I have a white pair from primark and I’m waiting on the right day to pop em out

  3. These are super cute! I’ve been on the fence about overalls and wasn’t sure if this is a trend but it looks like they’re here to stay to I may invest in some.

  4. Unbelievably cute and stylish! The floral heeled sandals really make the outfit pop! You look fantastic Im so glad you gave the overalls another try!

  5. I’ve got a total love/hate relationship with overalls. I love because… it’s comfy, on trend, sassy, and it’s a different alternative to jeans. And I hate because going to the bathroom is a whole ordeal, slightly man-repelling, and the dreaded worry of a cameltoe emerging (yep, I said it)

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