Cargo 3

Ok guys, this is my last installment of how to wear one item 3 different ways. The reason i decided to do this was because I have heard many time that people wish they had a decent wardrobe. I told them most people, you have to work with you have especially if your budget does not allow to shop for non necessities often. I let them know that there is nothing wrong with repeating an item, you can change it up with styling it different when you repeat it.

one of my sayings when it comes to fashion is, you can extend your wardrobe by going right in your closet. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses, everything we see on the internet is not everyone reality. You can still love and rock fashion on a budget.

My outfit minus the bag and shoes is under $150IMG_0038Hat: here $35

Top:here $15

Pants: here $39

Shoes: here $42 ( if you’re a VIP member)IMG_0039IMG_0039IMG_0040IMG_0041

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