Sometimes, having the right pair of pants can create many options. This blog post will be apart of a short series on how to expand tour wardrobe. I am a firm believer in making what you have word for you. Many people live on a tight budget but still enjoy fashion. Sometimes one can get caught up in todays social media hype and not realize that they have so many items in their closet that they can restyle. Some people are afraid to “repeat” an outfit that has been photographed, I’ve never understood that concept, I know for me, if i really like an item I am going to wear it out.

I started off this series with my favorite look:


Top: Similar

Pants: Here

Denim: “jacket” Here


Clutch: SimilarIMG_9986IMG_9985IMG_9988IMG_9989


2 Replies to “Cargo”

  1. Love this outfit, very simple but still really chic. Definitely something I would wear. I also never understood the negative stigma behind repeating outfits….they’re clothes. Aren’t clothes meant to be worn?

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