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FullSizeRender 5My hair is usually a topic of conversation when people first meet me. When I first chopped all of my relaxed hair off in 2011 it was a big deal. Not just for me but for many in my life. See my family has always had “long” hair. Some thick, some thin, some kinky, some less kinky, but all long. My Mother worded long and hard on maintaining our hair. Every Sunday she would line up myself and 2 (then 3) of my cousins and do our hair. It was generally always torture for me ( even when my hair was relaxed). At first my mom straightened our hair wit a straightening/hot comb. After burning my ear she switched to relaxing because I was terrified  of the hot comb, that burn scared me ( literally and physically).

My hair was relaxed once a month along with one of my other cousins. My other 2 cousins were relaxed once every 3-6 months. My hair was very kinky and “needed” to be relaxed that often. I did not know what It was for my hair to be in its natural state because my mom ( and soon I) never allowed it to get to that point.  for a very long time I was “addicted” to relaxing my hair, it was my norm, I knew nothing else. I had NO clue I could actually go natural and take care of my natural hair in its natural state.

In 2010 I was in this hair group and i began to gather information on natural hair, I slowly became interested in becoming natural. I wish I could say my decision to go natural was some deep reason. It wasn’t, I wanted to be able to swim ( something I enjoy doing) without the hassle of managing my relaxed hair all the time. Going natural was an option, and option I then decided to embark on. I began transitioning in mid 2010, I wore back to back weaved and it really aided in my transition. I decided to chop off my relaxed ends November 2011. The day I did it I text a friend and she encouraged me to do it. I don’t think she nor anyone else expected me to do it. I went in the bathroom, grabbed some scissors, grabbed a chunk of my hair and CUT. There was no going back.  My friend was in shock. My mom was upset and my son, well my son was

After that I had to deal with my hair, my hair being  length i was not use to, being a texture I was not use to. At first it was HARD, very HARD something not many people knew. I contimplated relaxing it once a month for the first 6 months. My hair was so kinky and no matter what I tried it didn’t help. It took me HOURS to style it and by that time my scalp was so soar. Then finally one day… It stopped being hard.I learned my hair. I fell in love with my hair. That day My love affair with my hair began.

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