Cape Love

On this windy day the weather was a bit confused. while it was extremely windy it wasn’t too cold. it was cold enough for a sweater but did not warrant a heaver over coat so I opted for my thrifted cape.

Capes are extremely hard to wear, while they are cute and stylish, it is hard to determine when exactly to wear one. If it is too cold you will freeze, most capes are not every warm. If you wear it when it is to warm out you run the risk of being too hot. On this the the weather proved to be perfect for a cape.2016-01-18 00.51.56

My wardrobe consisted of many Items I’ve had for years

I paired my thrifted cape with

Jeans: These Jeans are super old but similar ones can be found Here

Sweater: This sweater is from Banana Republic from last year you can find a similar one Here

Cape coats are easy to find you can find a cute one Here

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