White Jeans During The Winter????

When I was growing up I always heard that you should NOT wear white after labor day. This was always confusing to me for a few reasons. Like when do you start wearing white? why is Labor day the end date? Who came up with this “rule”? With so many questions I knew that this was not a rule I would follow. I personally have about 5 pair of white jeans. I love white jean, I can wear them any time of the year EXCEPT the middle of summer. Weird right? I do not like wearing jeans ( white or other) during the summer. They are very uncomfortable when it is too hot. On this day I wanted to wear white Jeans. I paired it with a sweater and booties to give it that winter look and feel that was necessary.2016-01-18 01.19.43My Fit:

Top/Sweater: Here


Booties:Here (in black)

2016-01-18 01.19.462016-01-18 01.18.142016-01-18 01.19.452016-01-18 01.19.422016-01-18 01.19.432016-01-18 01.19.462016-01-18 01.19.502016-01-18 01.20.082016-01-18 01.19.552016-01-18 01.19.572016-01-18 01.21.04

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