Getting And Staying Fit

As I have aged I realize my weight gain is no joke. When I was in my 20’s gaining unwanted weight was the least of my worries. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and gained nothing. It was to the point that I did all the things I was not suppose to do to gain weight. once I hit my 30’s I believe my old habits came back to teach me a lesson. I got a reality slap in the face. My thighs and gut area began to expand. It took me a few years to realize i needed to get it together. For a while I was stuck on the “oh well, it’s my body, who I am, love me or leave me”. Then I came to realize that my weight gain was not the most healthy way of living. Last year I was really in the gym and eating well, I was extremely proud of myself. Then, I go lazy and complacent… and while I have always been greedy I have been eating way more than I ever ate, not only eating more but eating things that were not necessarily good for me. Lately I have been trying new things to keep me motived to eat right. Going to a physical gym has been crossed out since I am also on a new spending challenge ( so many challenges at one time I know). Not going to the gym is no excuse so I will be working out at home ( something I have yet to start doing)IMG_1178These pictures are from me in my early 30’s ( on the left) and me a few months ago ( on the right) as you can see I always had thighs… as i got older those as well as my midsection expanded.IMG_1203This was when I was in the gym last year. I was very dedicated and while I was on a journey I did not want to lose my “shape”. I worked hard and it was extremely committed. My goal is to get back to THIS. I am my fitness goal.

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