Baby It’s cold outside

Clearly winter has decided it was tired of laying back and came to play. This past week has been BRUTAL! The temperature has dropped and the wind is not playing ( I would NOT wear a wig in this weather,lol). Being that it is so cold “what to wear” becomes harder. You want to be cute, comfortable, stylish and practical. I am a firm believer in comfort. Being comfortable during cold weather means covering up and layering. On this day I threw on a hat and pretty warm winter coat. I did not want to much of my skin exposed. 2016-01-18 01.40.48

My Fit:

Hat:”borrowed” my  BF’s hat so I am not sure where he got it from

Coat: ( last year) from

Thrifted shirt


Boots: Here2016-01-18 01.41.252016-01-18 01.41.242016-01-18 01.41.232016-01-18 01.41.082016-01-18 01.41.072016-01-18 01.41.062016-01-18 01.41.052016-01-18 01.41.022016-01-18 01.41.01-12016-01-18 01.40.492016-01-18 01.40.452016-01-18 01.59.052016-01-18 01.58.42

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