It’s A Date

Being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing. It is also constant work and sometimes difficult. When you have 2 people that are extremely busy it is hard to find that time to go out and have fun with just you two. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years. This year May will make 3 years. We currently do not live together and both have very busy schedules.

Prior to officially getting in a relationship we ( in general) date, we get pretty (and handsome), do our hair, makeup and pick out a cute outfit. We are generally on our best behavior and enjoy conversation with the person we are looking to get to know. Sometimes when those two people get together dating becomes a thing of the past. I think it is extremely important to still date after officially being in a relationship. It doesn’t have to be an outdoors date but a date none the less. My boyfriend and I make it a point to go on dates as often as possible. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to do so as of late.

We’ve gone to birthday celebrations and get togethers but we’ve done nothing one on one in a while. We both realized that we hadn’t had a date in quite a while and decided to go on one. On our dates we tend to do phone free or limited phone use. We spend out time engaging in conversation without the distraction of the internet and text messages. It is always enjoyable to me ( and him… I think, lol). This past Sunday we decided to go to one of our favorite places in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We love this place because it is very comfortable, the food is great and the customer service has always been good. I had ham steak, fried eggs and mashed potatoes. It was absolutely delicious and filling. He had Pancakes and eggs, and of course brunch would not be brunch without Mimosas, We ordered a pitcher of Mimosas which always hits the spot.IMG_1007




Sweater( Its from last year from Banana republic but you can get a similar one from) here

Jacket: From here

Faux fur scarf ( a similar one) Here

Bag( a similar one)here

Booties ( These are old ( very) but you can find similar ones) here


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