The Day After

Christmas has past and the day after is here. This year instead of it being freezing cold with snow on the ground it feels like a crisp spring day with leaves on the ground. I decided to take a walk and think about the year that is slowing coming to the end. I was having a bad hair day so I threw on an over sized hat to hide the offensive,lol.

This year has not been a gem for me. I have learned a lot business and personal wise. My hopes are the the lessons learned this year will be a stepping stone for the path I a trying t0 create for 2016. While the year was a rough one there were many great things that occurred. My son graduating High school and going to college topped the list.


Photography Credit:@BlackvisionzIMG_0640

The wind was blowing as I struggled to keep my hat on. Of course today I forgot my hat pin.


Outfit details:





Hat: Aldos is sold out of that over sized hat here is a regular size brim hat

and here is an over size hat:




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