Teen mom… Part 1

Hello, My name is Myisha… I was, I am a teen mom. I say I am because  although I am beyond my teenage years, and my child is actually a teenager now it is something that I am always questioned about.It is something I will always be able to relate to. When I was 17 years old I gave birth to a son. At that time I was a senior in High School. I was very active ( played sports), somewhat social and pretty close to my family. While I wasn’t at the top of my class I did pretty good in school. I followed all of the rules ( well except the obvious) and rarely missed a class. When many people found out I was pregnant they were shocked. Not only was my mother super strict but I wasn’t one to hangout, drink and or smoke. I indulged in none of that when I was younger. I was the epitome of why one should not judge a book by its cover… while I didn’t indulge in the above I did become a teenage mom. No one would have picked ME for that role.

Being pregnant was not as bad as I expected ( the physical aspect of it). I carried very small and while I had morning sickness all day I was able to hide it. No one outside of my family  and really close friends knew of my pregnancy until I was about give birth. I hid my pregnancy from everyone else because I knew the stigma attached.  I knew I would be looked at very different. My fears came true once my pregnancy was known to everyone.

I was almost forbidden from going on my senior trip after it was paid for in full. The day of the trip I was pulled to the side and told I would be a bad influence on the others, and it was best  that I not go. I was told this by my principle. I was told by teachers that I would drop out to get my GED because I would not come back after giving birth. I was told (by adults) that I would be apart of the system, that I would have one or two more with in 5 years. All these things broke me down so much I missed my graduation ( a decision i do not regret).

My school handled me so bad I had no guidance about college or any other options for my future. I was told to wait until I had the baby to make a decision. Prior to anyone finding out about my pregnancy I was getting a lot of assistance picking schools and preparing for my future. Once the pregnancy was out I was told I may not want to go to school so waiting would be best. Once I had my baby I received little to no assistance no matter how intent I was on continuing my education.

So… I was a high school graduate and a teenage mom with no eye on my future. I had no help ( in terms of my future education) and no hope. I knew what I wanted to do. I know I what I had to do. I had no idea how to do it. I began to think, maybe everyone was right, maybe I would be a part of the system. Maybe I did set myself and child up for failure.

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  1. I’m a teenage mom as well. I relate to your story well because it’s also mine. I could have, and actually have, written these same exact words in a sense.

    I’m glad I didn’t let the stigma determine my future. I took that negative statistic I’d become, the one that I’d inadvertently subjected upon my son, and changed both of our stories. I refused to settle there. Since this is part one of your story, I’m guessing you did too! 😊 Can’t wait to read part 2!

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