Friendship is a huge deal for me. I don’t call just anyone my friend. It makes me cringe when some people just willy nilly throw around that word, there are people that call any and everyone their friends. Some people meet some one one day and the next they’re “besties”, then wonder why that friendship doesn’t last. Don’t get me wrong there are a few occasions where some ppl just click. They meet one day and they’re life long friends. I have a few of those. But even with those friends it wasn’t an overnight friendship.

I hold my friends close to my heart and I know my friends do the same. I would do anything for them and I know they would for me. I have lost a few friends during what I call growing pains. Losing friends is something that’s not easy. It’s worse than a breakup with a significant other in some aspects . With friends you share almost everything, your ups, your downs and depending on how long you’ve known them they know virtually everything about you.

Your friends speak the truth when you have lost your mind. They are brutally honest when you need them to be. They are the shoulder you lean on and that listening ear when you need to vent. I cherish my friendships, it hurts like hell when one of them ends.

Once the smoke has cleared I realize that as painful as the ending of friendships is, it is often for the best. Either interest have changes, support of one another has diminished, jealousy rears its ugly head or any other issues that can occur between people. things happen and people grow apart. It sucks but it is necessary at time. Keeping toxic people in your life simple because you’re “friends” makes no since.

I rather have a small group of great friends than a large group of ok friends. The older I get the less patience I have and the more weary I am about making new friends. The sad realization is not everyone has an interest in being a good friend. Some are only interested in having good friends.

Outfit deets:

Dress: Just fab

Shoes: Shoedazzle

Jacket: Ami Clubwear

Black Is The New Black.

I am not the type of girl that likes all black. For years I stayed far away from wearing all black. It just wasn’t my thing. When I was younger I stayed in all black. I wanted to hide, blend in, be invisible. Wearing all black most of the time helped me with that.

Lately I’ve had a love affair with wearing all black. I’ve found some great pieces that have made me rethink my disdain for wearing all black. Here is one of my latest looks. My look is from

Outfit deets:


Shoes: Here

Shoedazzle Wishlist

As you may know I have a thing for shoes. I am slightly obsessed with them. Well here is a few of my fall picks from one of my favorite online shoe stores. These are my wish list picks. You will see a pattern, this color has caught my eye for the season… I’m… OBSESSED!

First we have the lovely Analy Here .Next we haveSonia you can find her Here.Then we have Ayla Find her here .We also have Cathleen, Here she is.

Finally we have Lilyana Here she is. Finally we have Lilyana Here she is.  

My selection has a variety. I am a lover of heels so of course I have more of those on my wish list than anything else. Flats are a must these days. Being a preschool teacher practical shoes are important.  Practical does not mean boring which is why my 2 picks for flats have a little spunk to it.

Brunching In Black

Recently I did a collaboration on brunch fashion.  You can check those looks out Here. I was super excited to do this collaboration for 2 reasons: fashion and brunch. I mean who doesn’t like brunch? The person who came up with brunch needs to be hugged and kissed. I love this social gathering that includes that of mimosas. When you add fashion to the mix it just makes it so much better.

When I lived in NYC I did a monthly brunch with a group of my friends. It was themed related. Every month a different person would pick the theme and brunch spot. It was always great to come up with ideas and to participate in the monthly themes. As fun as that was my favorite part was to catch up with my girls and chat it up… also the mimosas. lol.

Here is my brunch look:

Skirt and shirt: Here and Here (both currently on sale).

Shoes:Shoedazzle  (Similar)

My look was basic black look. I wanted to add some “fun” to it so I added these polka dot bobby socks and stripped pumps. I love pumps and socks. I love mixing prints, so thing just brought two of the things I love together.

Fall Collaboration

Fall is here , What better way to celebrate my favorite season than to do it with fashion. I’ve teamed up with a few ladies to showcase our similar and different ways of being fashionable for the fall. Fall for me is all about layers, I love layers, you can build up and break it down as  the day goes on.

The thing I love about fashion is that we can interpret it in the way we think, feel and enjoy. I am far from an artist, but  fashion is my way of showing my artistic eye.Sometimes I enjoy the basics and sometimes I can be a bit over the top. I also love that people are at time brought together by the things they they love and enjoy.  


Here are the ladies, their handles and their blogs.

First we have the lovely @thedazzlebomb (on IG),I love this sexy fall inspired look. Those Fabulous booties are from, blazer from and her shorts are thrifted. Follow her blog at

Next we have the beautiful @Sarastrendystyle. This jumper has my name all over it!!!She got her jumper (that I love) from and her booties from Follow her blog at

Then we have the bombshell @crownsbyceleste. Those boots are to die for. She got her top from, jeans from, and her boots from

We also have the darling @stylishgal_on_a_budget, she got her Kimono from Walmart (I need to head to Walmart ASAP), her jeans from and her booties from Follow her blog at

Finally ,my fall inspired look. I got my tee from, jacket from a local boutique back in New York, jeans from

Virgo Season

As some of you know my birthday was last week. This year was a bit different, since I was in a new state and the weather was not favorable.  With that being said I still did what I could to celebrate. Birthdays are important to me. It’s another year with memories, trials and tribulations, lessons and achievements. Getting older is a blessing to me.I get to continue to live life and learn from the many things and people I experience.

Of course fashion is a big deal for my birthday. It seems the older I get the harder it is for me to pick out a great birthday outfit. This year I didn’t have any WHOA pieces but I liked my all over looks.  Here they are.I hate that I didn’t get a full picture of my casual look on the Friday prior to my bday but I loved my head wrap.Sunday I went super casual with some distressed jeans from Justfab, They have a great selection of jeans that fit amazing. I paired it with my team’s sweat shirt and denim pumps from Shoedazzle.On my actual birthday  ( Tuesday) I wore this blue dress from Fashion Nova, I will say if you have thighs size up.The Friday after my Birthday I decided to throw on this  Velvet number from ShoedazzleOn my final bday outing  on Saturday, I wore this super sexy dress with a high spilt from Fashion nova and booties from Justfab.

A Year Older

It is September 12th which to me is the best day ever. I am a year older. This year has been a very hard year for me. One of the hardest I have ever experienced in a while. The good thing about it is I have come out stronger and I have learned a lot about myself. This time last year I was saying goodbye to a job I loved celebrating with friends, while packing for my move to Georgia. A move was a much needed one for me, it was scary and Georgia was the world of the unknown for me. I suffered the Lack of job security, stopping my online business, no friends and while I have an amazing family member out here, I was leaving my closest family members back in New York.

Living In Georgia has also been good for me, My family has decided to move down here, I have mad a few new friends and I have become more dedicated to my blog. Change as scary as it may be has it’s ups as well as downs. Embracing the downs to achieve the up’s is the key.

I had a nice photoshoot planned but Irma wanted no parts of it, so i improvised showing my favorite looks for the year.

My year of fashion in review:



Why do I love September so?

September is my absolute favorite month, yes it’s my birthday month but there are other reasons behind it. September is a beautiful month, the season changes and so does the environment.Leaves fall and change colors, the trees become more bare, the sunsets become more bright, the breeze becomes more crisp.

September is the month where fashion begins to change, you start to throw on that sweater or that oversized scarf, throwing on a hat with your head not burning up is now an option on a bad hair day or just because.

If you live in New York City, it’s fashion week… no more needs to be said about that.

2 of my favorite beautiful people are born in September my BFF (in my head) Beyoncé and my husband (in my head ) Idris Elba. There are more amazing ppl born in this month but along with myself these are my top two. Lol

September is absolutely magnificent, love it, embrace it, enjoy it.

outfit deets:

Dress: Dollar General $5

Shoes: Here

My Trip To Chicago Part 3

Now to the good part. Being a brand ambassador of Shoedazzle and Justfab has its perks. One is the yearly ambassador meet up. Many of us live very far from each other and while we chat quite a bit we don’t get to see each other as often. This is our version of “Girls Trip”. We all etch this time out from work, families, pets and school to come together for the love of shoes. The 3 day weekend consist of information, shoes, drinks, food, and a whole lot of fun. While in Chicago before and after our necessary events we hung out and saw Chicago.

I will say now that it was not enough time for me. Chicago was an interesting place to me. While the people were great and friendly, we often got stares as if we were over dressed ( which we probably were), The streets were clean and where I stayed it was not overly crowded.  There were a few nice places to go catch a meal and/or relax with friends. The ppl were not as friendly as they are here in the south but I am from New York so that’s not such a big deal. lol

The one ( and only) thing that really bothered me was that there were these smells that didn’t sit well with my nose. The smells weren’t everywhere but often surprised my nostrils.  Others seemed to be oblivious to it but because of my strong sense of smell I caught every wiff. I could not quite put my finger on what the smells were but they weren’t very pleasant. Besides or despite that… i really enjoyed my stay in Chicago. Having the group of girls that I was with there really helped that. Here are some pics from my time there.

 Good bye Georgia (for now)my always infamous bathroom selfie… I landed and looked and felt a mess! But I can’t turn down a bathroom selfie.

The start of fun…

our meet and greet… I wore Shoes from Shoedazzle . Here are similar ones and This dress from justfab.

After the even I went. At hopping but did not get a shot of what I was wearing.

The next day another event, food, drinks, shoefies, and laughs. I purchased the skirt when I first moved to Georgia and can’t remember where (sorry), and purchased the bodysuit (that I made into a crop) in Cali last year. Shoes are from Shoedazzle .

After the event we went site-seeing. We needed up at the bean, which ultimately had not real historical meaning but was a great photo opp.

We went to eat and then I headed to a day party, so I changed my shoes and went to get my dance on

This skirt was a piece from my boutique and the top I got last year at forever 21. Booties are from just fab but they no longer have them, here are Similar ones.

After the day party I ran in showered and changed to hang out with the ladies. The only full picture I got of my outfit was this selfie. I had a ball on the last night. I paid for it then Ext day.

Here we are at a lounge looking all beautiful shades of brown.

The last day I was beat, I woke up hung over and very angry at myself, I had to pack and dress for the last day. We had brunch, which is my favorite thing to do. Lol

I literally snatched up whatever was on the top in my suitcase and threw on a hat.

I had a ball (and a few more drinks), we snapped many pictures, chatted it up and at the end most of us parted to head to the airport.

I did a quick wardrobe change and headed to my flight.

All in all I had an amazing time.


My TripTo Chicago Part 2

        So, I am here in Chicago and I can’t be more excited. I am working on very little sleep and a whole lot of adrenaline. We go eat, stop by Ulta, chat about the excitement of the weekend and after a while I FINALLY head My airbnb. When I get to my airbnb and walk through the doors I was blown away by the view. It was absolutely Magnificent. The space was beautiful as well, just not as beautiful as the view. The location of the airbnb was also a winner. We were close to most things, a cheap uber ride a way and sometimes a nice walk.
While there I went to a day party (which was amazing), saw the bean, at at various places, walked a lot, went to all of my brand ambassador functions and bar hopped a bit. There was not enough time to do a lot which is why I must go back. 

Chicago is a beautiful place, I don’t know what I was expecting but this exceeded my expectations. Below I posted pics of my airbnb and the fantastic view.
( These pics were not taken by me, but represents the way the room looks.)


(These pics were taken by me)