White Jeans During The Winter????

When I was growing up I always heard that you should NOT wear white after labor day. This was always confusing to me for a few reasons. Like when do you start wearing white? why is Labor day the end date? Who came up with this “rule”? With so many questions I knew that this was not a rule I would follow. I personally have about 5 pair of white jeans. I love white jean, I can wear them any time of the year EXCEPT the middle of summer. Weird right? I do not like wearing jeans ( white or other) during the summer. They are very uncomfortable when it is too hot. On this day I wanted to wear white Jeans. I paired it with a sweater and booties to give it that winter look and feel that was necessary.2016-01-18 01.19.43My Fit:

Top/Sweater: Here


Booties:Here (in black)

2016-01-18 01.19.462016-01-18 01.18.142016-01-18 01.19.452016-01-18 01.19.422016-01-18 01.19.432016-01-18 01.19.462016-01-18 01.19.502016-01-18 01.20.082016-01-18 01.19.552016-01-18 01.19.572016-01-18 01.21.04

Getting And Staying Fit

As I have aged I realize my weight gain is no joke. When I was in my 20’s gaining unwanted weight was the least of my worries. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and gained nothing. It was to the point that I did all the things I was not suppose to do to gain weight. once I hit my 30’s I believe my old habits came back to teach me a lesson. I got a reality slap in the face. My thighs and gut area began to expand. It took me a few years to realize i needed to get it together. For a while I was stuck on the “oh well, it’s my body, who I am, love me or leave me”. Then I came to realize that my weight gain was not the most healthy way of living. Last year I was really in the gym and eating well, I was extremely proud of myself. Then, I go lazy and complacent… and while I have always been greedy I have been eating way more than I ever ate, not only eating more but eating things that were not necessarily good for me. Lately I have been trying new things to keep me motived to eat right. Going to a physical gym has been crossed out since I am also on a new spending challenge ( so many challenges at one time I know). Not going to the gym is no excuse so I will be working out at home ( something I have yet to start doing)IMG_1178These pictures are from me in my early 30’s ( on the left) and me a few months ago ( on the right) as you can see I always had thighs… as i got older those as well as my midsection expanded.IMG_1203This was when I was in the gym last year. I was very dedicated and while I was on a journey I did not want to lose my “shape”. I worked hard and it was extremely committed. My goal is to get back to THIS. I am my fitness goal.

Baby It’s cold outside

Clearly winter has decided it was tired of laying back and came to play. This past week has been BRUTAL! The temperature has dropped and the wind is not playing ( I would NOT wear a wig in this weather,lol). Being that it is so cold “what to wear” becomes harder. You want to be cute, comfortable, stylish and practical. I am a firm believer in comfort. Being comfortable during cold weather means covering up and layering. On this day I threw on a hat and pretty warm winter coat. I did not want to much of my skin exposed. 2016-01-18 01.40.48

My Fit:

Hat:”borrowed” my  BF’s hat so I am not sure where he got it from

Coat: ( last year) from Myseleganceboutique.com

Thrifted shirt


Boots: Here2016-01-18 01.41.252016-01-18 01.41.242016-01-18 01.41.232016-01-18 01.41.082016-01-18 01.41.072016-01-18 01.41.062016-01-18 01.41.052016-01-18 01.41.022016-01-18 01.41.01-12016-01-18 01.40.492016-01-18 01.40.452016-01-18 01.59.052016-01-18 01.58.42

It’s A Date

Being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing. It is also constant work and sometimes difficult. When you have 2 people that are extremely busy it is hard to find that time to go out and have fun with just you two. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years. This year May will make 3 years. We currently do not live together and both have very busy schedules.

Prior to officially getting in a relationship we ( in general) date, we get pretty (and handsome), do our hair, makeup and pick out a cute outfit. We are generally on our best behavior and enjoy conversation with the person we are looking to get to know. Sometimes when those two people get together dating becomes a thing of the past. I think it is extremely important to still date after officially being in a relationship. It doesn’t have to be an outdoors date but a date none the less. My boyfriend and I make it a point to go on dates as often as possible. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to do so as of late.

We’ve gone to birthday celebrations and get togethers but we’ve done nothing one on one in a while. We both realized that we hadn’t had a date in quite a while and decided to go on one. On our dates we tend to do phone free or limited phone use. We spend out time engaging in conversation without the distraction of the internet and text messages. It is always enjoyable to me ( and him… I think, lol). This past Sunday we decided to go to one of our favorite places in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We love this place because it is very comfortable, the food is great and the customer service has always been good. I had ham steak, fried eggs and mashed potatoes. It was absolutely delicious and filling. He had Pancakes and eggs, and of course brunch would not be brunch without Mimosas, We ordered a pitcher of Mimosas which always hits the spot.IMG_1007




Sweater( Its from last year from Banana republic but you can get a similar one from) here

Jacket: From here

Faux fur scarf ( a similar one) Here

Bag( a similar one)here

Booties ( These are old ( very) but you can find similar ones) here


Big Hair, Big Scarf.

On Saturday one of my college friends came to town and we wanted to link up. The weather has been crazy lately so I literally waited to the last minute to pick out what to wear. I think I tried on about 4-5 outfits before picking the one I actually wore. I wanted to be simple enough that I could ride the subway with ease, and comfort but cute enough that if we decided to leave brunch ( which we did) I would not feel too under dressed.


FullSizeRender 3

What I wore:

Hat( old but a similar one can be found): Here

Scarf ( the original one is sold out but a similar one can be found): Here

Coat ( also old but other stylish coats can be found) Here

Any pair of plaid pants will do, these are joggers.

I paired them with my absolute favorite nude pumps which can be purchased Here

The clutch is currently sold out but will be restocked soon at Here

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 4IMG_0753FullSizeRender


That’s The Way The Wind Blows.

IMG_0703One of the (many) down sides about winter is the heavy gusting wind.  It makes it difficult to decide on what to wear. On this day I wanted to rock these beautiful boots and I knew for sure I wanted to wear on of my fur coats. The beauty about these coats are, they are extremely warm. I paired it with one of my vintage hats, a pair of half hand gloved and a faux leather skirt.IMG_0707What I wore: Fur coat (a similar one for a great price Here), vintage hat ( a similar Here)Faux leather skirt (currently out of stock from MysEleganceboutique.com), Shoes ( here), Half gloves (here).IMG_0706


Teen Mom Part 2

Where did I end? I was now a high school graduate with a newborn child. I was jobless and had no college lined up to attend. At this point the discussion of me staying home with my son for his first few years became an ongoing thing with my sons father and I. He was working and caring for us and I didn’t want my mother to raise my child. Once we came to the decision that I would stay home my job became taking care of and raising him. We decided to do this for the first three years of my sons life. After this time I would go to school and pursue an education in Education.

My life became me living part time at my mothers home and part time at my sons father home. For some reason I could not commit to leaving my mothers home to live with my sons father. For 3.5 years I was home with my son. I saw all the little milestones; him walking before the age of one, him wetting up everything when he was being potty trained  at one year old. Him speaking his first words. I was able to enjoy all of these things.

As great as those experiences were and as good of a mother I tried to be I often received the worse stares and looks when I went out with my son, even at the park. I saw judgment and disapproval on their faces. It was painful and hurtful. I know these people didn’t know me but their looks were so familiar. They appeared on the faces of people I knew, friend and family. The emotional burden I felt was always hidden, I never allowed anyone not even my closest friends and family see how hurt and emotionally drained I was. I worked my hardest to make sure I was the best mother I could be to my son and that was above anything else. I worked hard to prove everyone wrong.

At the age of one my sons father and I separated. It was a difficult decision. I felt guilty because I could not hold the relationship together. I felt fear because I was unsure of what was going to happen next. at the point I fully moved back in with my mother and remained a stay at home mom while his father too care of us, even with us not being together. At first it was hard, but we attempted to keep things as regular and as normal as possible.

From the age of 3.5-5 it seemed like life was in fastfoward… so many changes occurred

On The Last Nice Day

DPP_0041Today NYC is freezing, you hear me? FREEZING, I know, I know, I should not be complaining, because honestly, so far, we have NOT had a bad winter. The weather has been amazing. Who would have thought after last years brutal winter that I would be able to go outside with no coat on in the middle of winter and not feel cold? If New York were continues to have winters like this I may reconsider staying. lol

I don’t know if I told you’ll before but I don’t think my “style’ has a name. I like a little bit of everything. I LOVE vintage but I enjoy modern pieces as well. I LOVE loud colors and prints, but I enjoy toning it down as well. I LOVE showing my curves, but I also enjoy being covered up. All is determined by what I wake up feeling like. On this day I wanted to mix a little old with a little new.

This top I am wearing is a vintage top that can be worn as a jacket. The padded shoulders are what I think gave this look a little “pop”. I belted the top, and paired it with a simple tube skirt, Mary Jane shoes and some bobby socks. As you can see I’m not HUGE on matching so i went with this beautiful clutch from my favorite bag designer.


DPP_0047DPP_0046DPP_0045You can get any vintage top from one of my favorite IG vintage stores Here

similiar skirt: here

Bobby socks: here

This shoe is old and sol out almost everywhere but you can find a similar one Here

Clutch: This was a limited edition clutch but of course you can find some of her amazing bags Here



Fur and Lace

Why is it that we ( women) have a closet full of clothing but we’re always scrambling for something to wear when we go out? This is what happened to me the other day. I knew about these plans for a while but, for some reason I waited until the last minute to try and  figure out what to wear. On this occasion I was going to brunch to celebrate a friends birthday. Now, everyone who knows me know I love me some brunch.  Brunch is my favorite meal (lol). So of course I was beyond stoked about attending, but what was I going to wear?

The day of the bunch I could not figure out what to wear. Finally at the last minute I picked out something from my online boutique and made it work. It was this lace and faux leather dress that I had been contemplating wearing for most of the morning. At first I was going to go with separates but I did not feel like stressing myself out (lol,a bit dramatic I know). Separates can be a headache and dresses are small blessings, they  are an easy fit, with the right shoes and accessories. Since this dress was pretty busy all on its own I decided to stay true to me but tried to stay as simple as possible.

I went with a Leopard belt to bring a bit of “color” to the look with out being too bright or too dull. Then since it was pretty nice out ( minus the rain) I knew I could pull off a look in which I didn’t have to wear tights. I threw on a pair OTK books and accessorized with bangles, a watch and dangling earrings. Not too simple and not too over the top.

Outfit details:

Dress: http://www.myseleganceboutique.com/Dagger-2205.htm

Boots: http://www.myseleganceboutique.com/SPARKLES-2-2101.htm

Similar fur: http://angelsvintageboutique.bigcartel.com/product/amazing-classy-auth-mink-coat-size-small



Who Wears Short Shorts?

I do!!! If you haven’t noticed by now my legs are ( one of) my favorite part of me. I feel like no matter how out of shape I am ( which I currently am) my legs never fail me. They make me appear taller than I am ( which I love) and for some reason they tend to look toned even when I know good and well they are not.

These particular shorts I’ve had for years, never got around to wearing them. One day after brunch with my girls I walked into this small boutique in Harlem, it was a cute, quaint  place. I walked around for a few minutes chatting with one of my friends and saw them. I didn’t even try them on, I just had to have them. I fell in love with them but I had no clue how to wear them. I believe I’ve had them for over 2 years and finally decided to make use of them.

Due to the fact that they were so short and my legs are not very small I paired it with a pair of thigh high stockings and a long jacket. This took the attention off the shortness and place the focus on how beautiful they are.


Photography Credit:@BlackvisionzDPP_0010When you work hard for what you want a smile every now and then won’t hurt.


Outfit details:

Gold tank: you can get a similar one from here: http://www.pinkqueen.com/Gold-Ladies-Sexy-Slim-Sequins-Vintage-Tank-Top-g40948?gclid=CjwKEAiAk7O0BRD9_Ka2w_PhwSkSJAAmKswxqQ9A82VtKbUM8eGbY2RKSI_avCzHQQ2-EftqH1PPRhoCQbHw_wcB

Shorts: ( as mentioned I purchased these about  2 years ago, when i didn’t keep track of where I purchased something from) Similar ones can be found here http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product2.aspx?Category=bottom&ProductID=2000134846&VariantID=02&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=PLA_GSC_F21&utm_content=g_52395895998_pla&mr%3atrackingCode=0E30696F-8068-E511-80F8-0050569437F6&mr%3areferralID=NA&mr%3adevice=c&mr%3aadType=plaonline&mr%3aad=52395895998&mr%3akeyword=&mr%3amatch=&mr%3atid=pla-89213830998&mr%3aploc=9004163&mr%3ailoc=&mr%3astore=&mr%3afilter=89213830998&gclid=CjwKEAiAk7O0BRD9_Ka2w_PhwSkSJAAmKswxOWRyiN5vKXT_mg8C5jNWQlDAGY_kX7fwX5KxqVxVABoCfTvw_wcB&br=F21

Black and white Jacket :http://www.myseleganceboutique.com/Casualty-2197.htm

Booties: http://www.myseleganceboutique.com/PRIVILEGED-2059.htm

Clutch: The bag I have is no longer there but here is a similar one from the same company http://shethecollection.com/collections/bags/products/wild-things-cobalthttp://shethecollection.com/collections/bags/products/wild-things-cobalt

You can find some Thigh Highs here http://www.barenecessities.com/rene-rofe-fishnet-thigh-highs-with-garter-g-string-set-6026_product.htm?pf_id=ReneRofe6026&search=