My trip to San Francisco and Okland Part 1

My view from the sky.On Christmas Day I had the pleasure of attending the Warrior game. It was an amazing experience. Thanks to Omaze and Draymond Green’s Charity Rise. Good things defiantly come to those who donate. Please look up these two foundations and donate today.

I landed in San Fransisco on Christmas eve, My friend and I were then picked up by a provided car and driver, and taken to our amazing hotel. We stayed at The Claremont Hotel and Spa.This hotel is Magnificent. The receptionists were all very sweet and friendly and they even have a hotel dog named Edi  ( that i called Eddie about 4 times. lol). This hotel is beeyy Pet Friendly and has so many amazing Amenities. Our hotel room was super cute but the bathroom was the best part.

After getting comfy in our room we decided to step out for a bite to eat. Both of us being from New York ( I currently reside in Georgia), we didn’t think that finding something to eat would be a problem, but BOY was it a problem. It was Christmas Eve and everything was closed. Being from the city that never sleeps this was crazy and annoying for us. We were hungry and honestly after the first hour and first Lyft it didn’t matter what it was we found to eat, as long as it was food .  We finally found an open Chinese restaurant. I am very particular about Chinese food but at that point it didn’t matter. I ordered the safest thing ( wings) and took a Lyft to the nearest Chevron gas station to get snacks.

After getting every thing we headed back to the hotel. The wings were the worst wings I ever had , but it was, eat those or suck on air. So my advice to anyone who wants to visit San Francisco is… Don’t go during Christmas. As Beautiful as it is there is absolutely nothing to do.

Good Bye 2017, Hello 2018

I would be lying if I said 2017 Was a great year for me. There are so many things that happened that made me question so much in life. It was an extremely hard year for me It was also a year that showed me the most lessons.

Lesson Number 1- Nothing is Guaranteed.

I am a hard working person, I always have been. When I had my son, and (almost )everyone in my life at that time told me I wouldn’t be much, and to just give up on school ( and life basically) I defied them, I continued my education. Killed myself, and at the end I got 3 degrees, the one I am most happy and proud of is my Masters in Education. So when I lost my job  in 2017 what did I do?  I worked hard to find another one.

See I am a preschool Teacher.. A job that I love, and one that many people question. When people think of preschool, They think of baby sitting or daycare, and when they think of preschool teacher, they think of unqualified person who just needs a job. Thats not my case, I worked in elementary school and it wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy it. I decided on a change early on in my career. I wanted to be a preschool teacher.

Finding a job in which  was more than a babysitting/ daycare job(please understand I do not think there is anything wrong with either) was hard to find especially at the time of year I was looking. Getting into the school system is not an easy thing and since I have never been, here in Georgia… It was damn near impossible.

So, what do I do? Take a job that pays the bills… I had all but ran through my savings and had barley any money coming in. I had bills that were piling up and no where to turn, I had my son in college, my mom in NYC, both of whom I take care of  so, I had to find something, anything.

They say beggars can’t be choosy, but I was. I think I stayed at one place for a week. It was pure chaos, and not one inch of learning was happening.

Then I found a great private school, score right?  Wrong! There was so much going on there but, I had to stay because… As I mentioned before I had responsibilities. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel. The school year was beginning and I started receiving calls from places I had sent my resume to months ago.

On top of me losing my job, I lost my relationship. A lot of people aren’t aware of it, and if they now are it’s because I finally had to tell them. It was a hard ( but not messy) break up and the realization that it was over didn’t immediately hit me.

Lesson 2 Things get better:

Life will take you through ups and down but things do get better. I have some amazing friends who really helped me through my struggles in 2017. People I will never forget. Blogging, My friends my family, my ex and My dog has really helped me. At this moment I am working at a job in which I love and am content with being single. I have never cried and panicked as much as I have in 2017.

Lesson 3 take things a day at a time

I was the type to think about what would be a week or so later and that would drive me INSANE. Now, I take things as they come and one day at a time, I deal with what I can in the now and go from there.

Lesson 4: Don’t let the bad overshadow the good.

I’ve had some amazing times in 2017 as well.

I adopted an amazing dog named Lucky.

I made some new friends and strengthened some bonds.

My family moved out here to Georgia.

I went to Chicago for the first time

I went to Sanfran and Oakland for the first time( blog/vlog on this is coming soon).

I’ve rejuvenated my blogging and vlogging and it has been helpful in me getting over the bad.

…and much, much, more.

I am looking forward to an amazing 2018, Knowing that I am better and stronger and that I can get through whatever is thrown in my direction.

My Trip To Chicago Part 1

Chicago has always been on my list of places to visit in the United States. Ive never actively planned for it but I have always had the desire to go. So when the opportunity came I jumped on it. I [aid and planned for it but things occurred that made it difficult. I still planned as if I were going telling my new job that I needed specific days off. Having gone through a few things in my personal life I wasn’t sure I would actually make it. The morning prior I decided I was going ( crazy I know).

So with the decision being made that I was going I had so much to do. Packing, cleaning, deciding on what to do with my hair ( yes, it’s serious, lol) etc… Since my flight was early in the AM i decided not to sleep, I didn’t want to oversleep. I figured I would sleep during my almost hour long ride to the airport and while on the plane. I stayed up packing, sipping wine, and cleaning. My mission was complete and I stayed up. packing was difficult because I am the queen of over packing but I was only going for the weekend and i figured that would be a breeze ( boy was i wrong).

The time has come for me to leave, I call my uber and hit the road… 15 minutes from my place I realize I left something. I scream F*** and tell the driver he has to turn around ( I of course apologize for cursing, the driver responds with a laugh), I get back home get what I forgot and head back to my uber ( keep in mind i have on pumps and I’m running up and down the stairs). 10 minutes into the ride I realize i left something else… that item was less important and I was already cutting it close so I just kept moving.

So, I get to the airport and get checked in, I weigh my suitcase and guess what??? you got it, it was over weight.I wanted to scream. The lady asked if i have $30 for the overweight package and i just shook my head and began reaching for my wallet. Before I could get it out she hands me my ticket and tells me to have a good day with a smile. I am internally doing a happy dance ( I should mention that i assisted in interpreting for a woman who didn’t speak english. My broken Spanish helped in that moment). I head to security ( which was not to bad) and then headed to my gate, I get there as they are loading the plane ( just in the nick of time). I walk on to the plane heading to my seat with smile on my face.

My smile slowly faded when I realize I’m sitting next to a child. Now before people get offended, please understand, I LOVE children, I’ve been working with them for over 13 years. I do prefer not to be seated next to them on a red eye flight. I decided to not over react and hope for the best… That didn’t help. The child kicked me for the majority of the ride and when he wasn’t doing that he was banging the arm rest up and down or screaming at the top of his lungs, needless to say, sleep wasn’t had.

Finally I make it to Chicago and the bad flight experience has gone and the excitement of seeing some of my girls and enjoying Chicago shows up. I land get my luggage and head to the hotel some of the ladies are staying in ( my airbnb wouldn’t be available until later). My uber driver was cool, he laughed when I yelled “I’M IN CHICAGOOOOOO”, he gave me some helpful tips and I had a smooth ride. I pull up to the hotel and as i’m walking in I see the girls heading to eat. We exchange hugs and then go eat.

I always take a bathroom selfie when I travel.

I look a bit scary but I was bare face and tired. Im surprised I was still standing.

The start, breakfast…

Part 2 coming soon.