All Dressed Up With Nowhere To go.

Clothing makes me happy. I know that sounds pretty shallow but they do.  If I’m feeling down for any reason, sometimes all I have to do is put something pretty on, do my hair, throw on some lipstick and slip on an amazing pair of shoes. I know everyone has that ONE article of clothing that when they put it on they feel… pretty. Well this dress is that for me. I absolutely love this dress. This is the type of dress that needs very little help. You can wear it with booties, pumps, even over the knee boots. With this dress less is defiantly more. It speaks for itself. I paired it my always favorite bangle, dangling earrings ( although you can rock this with studs), ankle boots and one of my favorite clutches. Threw on some shades and felt… well… pretty.

Photography Credit:@Blackvisionz


Outfit details:

Shoes: The shoes were purchased years ago from but they have them here:




Fall is where the heart is.



Who does not like fall? I mean what is there to not like? You can easily take your summer clothes and layer them up to be suitable for the fall. Not only can you play around with your wardrobe without having to spend extra money, but the environment in the fall is simply beautiful. The canvas of the street that is painted by leaves sometimes makes you forget where you are. My appreciation for the fall is immense. I love how it plays on my senses… the sights, smells, sounds… are all so beautiful. Fall simply makes me happy.




Taking a stroll in one of my favorite parks I could not help but enjoy the beauty of fall.

Photography Credit:@Blackvisionz

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