My Baby 21 Y’all!!!

As some of my readers may know, I was a teen mom. I had my son at 17 years of age. Of course being a teen mom made my life that much harder. When I was younger I heard things like, I wasn’t going to make it far in life, My son wasn’t going to make it far in life, I was going to have multiple children by multiple men and I was going to be apart of the system ( the welfare system). One of many things I was told by teachers and my school principal was to drop out of school.  I didn’t listen to the nay sayers, I worked hard for me and my son.

His Big Day, My Big Day!

My son turned 21 a week ago and the feeling is surreal. My baby ( grown man) is my biggest accomplishment. He gave me a reason. He was my motivation. My son and I have such an amazing relationship, I wouldn’t change it for the world. He is my only child and of course I am sitting back like ” so whats next”. I know he will be great, he is already great.  He has pushed passed all the negativity people placed upon us.

Stay focus, Stay Positive!

Our  life wasn’t the easiest, there were defiantly bumps in the road. Along with the bumps there were amazing moments. I was able to obtain  my Masters Degree and my son was able to attend every graduation I had. My son graduated from high school with honors and is  Physics major. We used all of our trials and tribulations to help motive us to be better. We are not were we want to be, but we are not very far off.