A Year Older

It is September 12th which to me is the best day ever. I am a year older. This year has been a very hard year for me. One of the hardest I have ever experienced in a while. The good thing about it is I have come out stronger and I have learned a lot about myself. This time last year I was saying goodbye to a job I loved celebrating with friends, while packing for my move to Georgia. A move was a much needed one for me, it was scary and Georgia was the world of the unknown for me. I suffered the Lack of job security, stopping my online business, no friends and while I have an amazing family member out here, I was leaving my closest family members back in New York.

Living In Georgia has also been good for me, My family has decided to move down here, I have mad a few new friends and I have become more dedicated to my blog. Change as scary as it may be has it’s ups as well as downs. Embracing the downs to achieve the up’s is the key.

I had a nice photoshoot planned but Irma wanted no parts of it, so i improvised showing my favorite looks for the year.

My year of fashion in review:



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  1. I was trying to pick a fave look but I couldn’t- they all slay! I’m here for that metallic pleated mini ! Happy birthday, and wishing that next year brings you more fun challenges to overcome- So you may grow even more!!!

  2. Happy birthday! I’m so happy to read that you have grown accustomed to your new life. I too moved to Ga when I was 14 leaving my parents behind in Haiti. The transition was really hard for me especially as a teenager. But the 10 years spent there turned out to be some
    Of the best of my life! Keep it up girl! And keep slaying these outfits!

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