What does my hair say about me? What does yours say about you?

As many of you know. I’m natural… I’m natural in the sense that I have no relaxer in my hair. While I love my natural hair a girl has to change it up every now and then. Sometimes a certain style gives me a different personality. Sometimes it cheers me up. Sometimes it gives me a little pep in my step.

My go to style is a high puff. When I’m not to lazy I’ll style my natural hair and when I want. Different look, I’ll throw on a wig. 

My hair speaks to my mood and personality. You’ll know when I’m really not feeling my best, when my high puff is not so high or not so neat it’s just thrown up there so I won’t look unkept. Lol

My wigs as I stated sometime have me feeling “different”. I take on a different personality lol. I know silly but I get a different feeling when I have a different hairstyle.

There’s nothing wrong with changing up your look, that’s the great thing about being a lady. We can change our hair and still be us (even when taking on a different personality). It’s fun to be a lady! 

12 Replies to “What does my hair say about me? What does yours say about you?”

  1. Your hair is sooo nice, makes me wish I didn’t cut all mine off (for a second). Hoping to try some wigs, I want to switch y style up from time to time

  2. First…your hair is gorgeous! Second, totally agree about the power of changing up your hair. Sometimes, changing my hair can get me out of a funk that I’ve somehow gotten into.

  3. Love this! I’ve been natural for 4 months now and I’ve been so obsessed with wigs and braids that I’m yet to venture into styles with my twa. But definitely inspired by this, sometimes I forget that my own hair can also be styled. Great post!

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