Girls Trip: My Review 

So, I got out from under my rock and went to see girls trip. I was super excited because I heard so many great things about it. While I heard how good it was I didn’t know what to expect so I went with an open mind and mid-level expectations.

That evening my girls and I got dressed , threw on some makeup, and headed out. We made it to the AMC theater which had a bar in the front. Since we got there a bit early we ordered a drink and headed to our designated theater.


On to the movie:

When I tell you this movie was funny, this movie was FUNNYYYYY. I laughed so hard I’m sure I smudged my makeup from the laughing tears. I want to add if you get offended by vulgarity, sexual talk or beautiful chocolate men… this is definitely not the movie for you because it has plenty of thee above. This was a great Saturday night movie to enjoy with your girl friends. It had a great point and I’m sure it hit close to home for many women.

You have a beautiful intelligent woman with a lot going for herself , who is “stuck” in a relationship/marriage that she shouldn’t be in. A woman who has forgotten her worth, a woman who settles for less than what she deserves. At the end of course with the help of her friends she realizes that she deserves more, better, different. The movie had a good message. One in which I wish most women could see for themselves. Know your worth.

The fashion:

I will say I was slightly disappointed in the fashion. Regina Hall’s character wore some pretty nice pieces, structured dresses, exposed zippers, plunging neck lines etc… as for the other ladies, it was a no for me.

The hair and makeup:

I also wasn’t feeling the hair so much, Regina Hall’s wig was pretty ok but Latifah’s hair often time had me confused. The makeup was ok… just ok. Whoever dressed and styled Latifah really disappointed me. her makeup was even bothering me, I am not sure if it was character driven but I feel they could have done better.

Overall, this movie made my night. If you haven’t seen it, go see it. You won’t regret it. It’s better watched with friends.

7 Replies to “Girls Trip: My Review ”

  1. I too LOVED this movie. It was so funny! But I left in my feelings. Very emotional for me. It made me realize how much I missed my friends and line sisters. It even had me re-evaluating my friendships.

    Now, “you did that” with the breakdown of each characters’ attire and look. They jacked my girl Latifah up. I think she was supposed to be the ghetto friend (considering the hair), but was far from it. I was very confused about her.

    This was a funny read and the incorporation of your “girls trip” [photos] to see the movie was nice to see/watch. Good post! 😊

  2. This movie was so good!! I thought I was the only one who noticed Queen Latifah’s hair LOL. It went from long deep wave, to long bone dry, to up-do, to mid-length bone straight. Like, sis, that’s a lot for just a weekend trip lmao

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