My Trip To Chicago Part 3

Now to the good part. Being a brand ambassador of Shoedazzle and Justfab has its perks. One is the yearly ambassador meet up. Many of us live very far from each other and while we chat quite a bit we don’t get to see each other as often. This is our version of “Girls Trip”. We all etch this time out from work, families, pets and school to come together for the love of shoes. The 3 day weekend consist of information, shoes, drinks, food, and a whole lot of fun. While in Chicago before and after our necessary events we hung out and saw Chicago.

I will say now that it was not enough time for me. Chicago was an interesting place to me. While the people were great and friendly, we often got stares as if we were over dressed ( which we probably were), The streets were clean and where I stayed it was not overly crowded.  There were a few nice places to go catch a meal and/or relax with friends. The ppl were not as friendly as they are here in the south but I am from New York so that’s not such a big deal. lol

The one ( and only) thing that really bothered me was that there were these smells that didn’t sit well with my nose. The smells weren’t everywhere but often surprised my nostrils.  Others seemed to be oblivious to it but because of my strong sense of smell I caught every wiff. I could not quite put my finger on what the smells were but they weren’t very pleasant. Besides or despite that… i really enjoyed my stay in Chicago. Having the group of girls that I was with there really helped that. Here are some pics from my time there.

 Good bye Georgia (for now)my always infamous bathroom selfie… I landed and looked and felt a mess! But I can’t turn down a bathroom selfie.

The start of fun…

our meet and greet… I wore Shoes from Shoedazzle . Here are similar ones and This dress from justfab.

After the even I went. At hopping but did not get a shot of what I was wearing.

The next day another event, food, drinks, shoefies, and laughs. I purchased the skirt when I first moved to Georgia and can’t remember where (sorry), and purchased the bodysuit (that I made into a crop) in Cali last year. Shoes are from Shoedazzle .

After the event we went site-seeing. We needed up at the bean, which ultimately had not real historical meaning but was a great photo opp.

We went to eat and then I headed to a day party, so I changed my shoes and went to get my dance on

This skirt was a piece from my boutique and the top I got last year at forever 21. Booties are from just fab but they no longer have them, here are Similar ones.

After the day party I ran in showered and changed to hang out with the ladies. The only full picture I got of my outfit was this selfie. I had a ball on the last night. I paid for it then Ext day.

Here we are at a lounge looking all beautiful shades of brown.

The last day I was beat, I woke up hung over and very angry at myself, I had to pack and dress for the last day. We had brunch, which is my favorite thing to do. Lol

I literally snatched up whatever was on the top in my suitcase and threw on a hat.

I had a ball (and a few more drinks), we snapped many pictures, chatted it up and at the end most of us parted to head to the airport.

I did a quick wardrobe change and headed to my flight.

All in all I had an amazing time.


My TripTo Chicago Part 2

        So, I am here in Chicago and I can’t be more excited. I am working on very little sleep and a whole lot of adrenaline. We go eat, stop by Ulta, chat about the excitement of the weekend and after a while I FINALLY head My airbnb. When I get to my airbnb and walk through the doors I was blown away by the view. It was absolutely Magnificent. The space was beautiful as well, just not as beautiful as the view. The location of the airbnb was also a winner. We were close to most things, a cheap uber ride a way and sometimes a nice walk.
While there I went to a day party (which was amazing), saw the bean, at at various places, walked a lot, went to all of my brand ambassador functions and bar hopped a bit. There was not enough time to do a lot which is why I must go back. 

Chicago is a beautiful place, I don’t know what I was expecting but this exceeded my expectations. Below I posted pics of my airbnb and the fantastic view.
( These pics were not taken by me, but represents the way the room looks.)


(These pics were taken by me)

My Trip To Chicago Part 1

Chicago has always been on my list of places to visit in the United States. Ive never actively planned for it but I have always had the desire to go. So when the opportunity came I jumped on it. I [aid and planned for it but things occurred that made it difficult. I still planned as if I were going telling my new job that I needed specific days off. Having gone through a few things in my personal life I wasn’t sure I would actually make it. The morning prior I decided I was going ( crazy I know).

So with the decision being made that I was going I had so much to do. Packing, cleaning, deciding on what to do with my hair ( yes, it’s serious, lol) etc… Since my flight was early in the AM i decided not to sleep, I didn’t want to oversleep. I figured I would sleep during my almost hour long ride to the airport and while on the plane. I stayed up packing, sipping wine, and cleaning. My mission was complete and I stayed up. packing was difficult because I am the queen of over packing but I was only going for the weekend and i figured that would be a breeze ( boy was i wrong).

The time has come for me to leave, I call my uber and hit the road… 15 minutes from my place I realize I left something. I scream F*** and tell the driver he has to turn around ( I of course apologize for cursing, the driver responds with a laugh), I get back home get what I forgot and head back to my uber ( keep in mind i have on pumps and I’m running up and down the stairs). 10 minutes into the ride I realize i left something else… that item was less important and I was already cutting it close so I just kept moving.

So, I get to the airport and get checked in, I weigh my suitcase and guess what??? you got it, it was over weight.I wanted to scream. The lady asked if i have $30 for the overweight package and i just shook my head and began reaching for my wallet. Before I could get it out she hands me my ticket and tells me to have a good day with a smile. I am internally doing a happy dance ( I should mention that i assisted in interpreting for a woman who didn’t speak english. My broken Spanish helped in that moment). I head to security ( which was not to bad) and then headed to my gate, I get there as they are loading the plane ( just in the nick of time). I walk on to the plane heading to my seat with smile on my face.

My smile slowly faded when I realize I’m sitting next to a child. Now before people get offended, please understand, I LOVE children, I’ve been working with them for over 13 years. I do prefer not to be seated next to them on a red eye flight. I decided to not over react and hope for the best… That didn’t help. The child kicked me for the majority of the ride and when he wasn’t doing that he was banging the arm rest up and down or screaming at the top of his lungs, needless to say, sleep wasn’t had.

Finally I make it to Chicago and the bad flight experience has gone and the excitement of seeing some of my girls and enjoying Chicago shows up. I land get my luggage and head to the hotel some of the ladies are staying in ( my airbnb wouldn’t be available until later). My uber driver was cool, he laughed when I yelled “I’M IN CHICAGOOOOOO”, he gave me some helpful tips and I had a smooth ride. I pull up to the hotel and as i’m walking in I see the girls heading to eat. We exchange hugs and then go eat.

I always take a bathroom selfie when I travel.

I look a bit scary but I was bare face and tired. Im surprised I was still standing.

The start, breakfast…

Part 2 coming soon.

The Truth About Kinks and Hair grease

When I decided to go natural years ago I did what most ppl do, I researched. High and low i looked for the best way to manage my natural hair.  I found many helpful thing, things that i still use up to today, but I also found some questionable things. Since I was new  to this natural game I figured the majority of ppl that have been natural for a while should know better than me right? Well after a year or so I learned that not everything I discovered I trusted or even still believed. Hair grease was one of those things. I had completely stopped using hair grease, never mind the fact that my hair ( relaxed, long and thick) had always been saturated in hair grease. forget the fact that that is what my momma used and my cousins and I every week when doing our hair and our hair was always healthy, forget ALL of that.
Well as time went on i decided to pick up a jar of hair grease, I figured what could I loose. It was a big jar for 2.99 and a pretty blue ( just like I remembered, lol). the first time i used it, it was a disaster. My hair was weighed down and stringy, I was pissed, i figured these natural guru’s were right. I had just washed my hair and was forced to wash this crap out. The next time was monthssssss later. I decided to try it again because i ran out of what I needed. Let me tell you my hair felt amazingggggggggggggg! not only did it feel amazing it looked amazing. I vowed to keep this in my stash. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

What does my hair say about me? What does yours say about you?

As many of you know. I’m natural… I’m natural in the sense that I have no relaxer in my hair. While I love my natural hair a girl has to change it up every now and then. Sometimes a certain style gives me a different personality. Sometimes it cheers me up. Sometimes it gives me a little pep in my step.

My go to style is a high puff. When I’m not to lazy I’ll style my natural hair and when I want. Different look, I’ll throw on a wig. 

My hair speaks to my mood and personality. You’ll know when I’m really not feeling my best, when my high puff is not so high or not so neat it’s just thrown up there so I won’t look unkept. Lol

My wigs as I stated sometime have me feeling “different”. I take on a different personality lol. I know silly but I get a different feeling when I have a different hairstyle.

There’s nothing wrong with changing up your look, that’s the great thing about being a lady. We can change our hair and still be us (even when taking on a different personality). It’s fun to be a lady! 

Girls Trip: My Review 

So, I got out from under my rock and went to see girls trip. I was super excited because I heard so many great things about it. While I heard how good it was I didn’t know what to expect so I went with an open mind and mid-level expectations.

That evening my girls and I got dressed , threw on some makeup, and headed out. We made it to the AMC theater which had a bar in the front. Since we got there a bit early we ordered a drink and headed to our designated theater.


On to the movie:

When I tell you this movie was funny, this movie was FUNNYYYYY. I laughed so hard I’m sure I smudged my makeup from the laughing tears. I want to add if you get offended by vulgarity, sexual talk or beautiful chocolate men… this is definitely not the movie for you because it has plenty of thee above. This was a great Saturday night movie to enjoy with your girl friends. It had a great point and I’m sure it hit close to home for many women.

You have a beautiful intelligent woman with a lot going for herself , who is “stuck” in a relationship/marriage that she shouldn’t be in. A woman who has forgotten her worth, a woman who settles for less than what she deserves. At the end of course with the help of her friends she realizes that she deserves more, better, different. The movie had a good message. One in which I wish most women could see for themselves. Know your worth.

The fashion:

I will say I was slightly disappointed in the fashion. Regina Hall’s character wore some pretty nice pieces, structured dresses, exposed zippers, plunging neck lines etc… as for the other ladies, it was a no for me.

The hair and makeup:

I also wasn’t feeling the hair so much, Regina Hall’s wig was pretty ok but Latifah’s hair often time had me confused. The makeup was ok… just ok. Whoever dressed and styled Latifah really disappointed me. her makeup was even bothering me, I am not sure if it was character driven but I feel they could have done better.

Overall, this movie made my night. If you haven’t seen it, go see it. You won’t regret it. It’s better watched with friends.

Skin Care

The older I get the more I want to focus on taking care of myself. Eating well, sleeping enough, and skin care. I’ve never been big into skin care because I’ve been lucky to not have many breakouts. My reason for changing this is because I began to wear makeup. I’ve heard horror stories about what makeup can do to your skin and I decided I needed to get on this skin care train.

This is what I’ve been using almost daily. I am looking to adding to it.

Bare face… I was just about to do a nice scrub.
After my scrub and makeup, my face had a nice glow… one I actually liked (I’m anti dewy, lol). 

Anyone have any good tips on a good skin care routine? I’m open for options.


If you know me you know I hate matching. As crazy as that sounds that’s so who I am. This is the phase that I am in. I remember a time in my life that I wore only black, then that time I had to match EVERYTHING down to the stitching. It was crazy… I think evolving is a part of life and a part of fashion. My all black phase had s meaning, it was a dark and not so confident phase for me. The Matching everything phase was about me controlling things and being “perfect”. My next phase of fashion… wearing what I want, how I want, when I want was more of a liberation mixing prints and colors was a way of me saying” I don’t care what y’all think, I’m going to do me”…

Ok now to the topic at hand, when I received this  ribbed green dress I tried on many pairs of shoes in my closet none seemed to pair well with it. I picked these up, shrugged my shoulders and tried them on. They paired pretty good so I went for it. While I dislike being matchy- matchy there are occasions where it just simply works out best.

I love the fit of this dress. I’m wearing a small but I could gone down a size. Get this dress From here. The booties are from Here