Drug Store Brand Foundation for Dark Skin.

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As you know… in darkskin (lol), in the recent years I’ve become a little intrigued by makeup. Years ago you would not catch me in anything other than chapstick (walking around with dry lips is not what’s up). These days it rare I leave the house without having on eyeliner at the least. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t wear a full face daily, actually I only wear a full face onthe weekend. If I happen to wear a full face during the week it would have to be a special occasion, such as school pictures, graduation(I’m a preschool teacher) or I’m going somewhere right after work (which is rare). 

When I first got into makeup a few years ago I was all about Mac. Everything was Mac as time went on I started using other brands… I purchased cheaper shadows and lipsticks but stuf with higher end foundations. This was at a time when I wore a full face maybe 2 times a month.

Now that I’m doing my full face makeup more often I wanted to try new things. I decided to look into drug store brands. I ran into a few speed bumps because it was very hard to find my complexion but finally I scored some at Walmart.

Here are my swatches:

As you can see some were lighter, some were darker and some were very close. I think I can work with all but one. All in all. I think I will find my drug store staple!

Check out my video of me swatching these colors


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  1. I’ve been really liking the Maybelline Fit Me. See, it’s great seeing these shades, but it’s annoying when drugstores don’t carry the full range. I also hate when people say stores stock to the demographic of the area, because if that were true there would be many many more darker shades where I live lol.

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