My latest appreciation for flats.

Many that know me know how much I live in heels. For a while one could not find me outside of the house in flats. As I’ve gotten older and more practical (lol) I realize that flats are a must in some instances.  

I often though flats were ugly and did nothing for an outfit, but as I’ve begun my search of finding flats that suit me, I realized that my thinking was flawed. I began to find some flats that were not only cute but that fit my personal style.

Don’t get me wrong I am still a heels type of girl but instead of wearing heels 99% of the time, I wear them more like 89% of the time. Lol

Here’s a look I wore styles with flat sandals.


I paired my sandals with one of my $5 finds from none only than dollar general.

I purchased these cute blue flats from Here. Justfab and Shoedazzle are my go to places for most of my shoes.

13 Replies to “My latest appreciation for flats.”

  1. See, these flats are cute. Whenever I try to find nice ones (that are also comfortable since my feet overpronate), there’s never any left in my size! Do you have any places online you like to order from?

  2. Girl, flats are literally life! I live in them and go through them soooo often! I usually buy all black but I’ve been wanting to play around with colour, especially after seeing your blue pair!

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