Drug Store Brand Foundation for Dark Skin.

Hi there,

As you know… in darkskin (lol), in the recent years I’ve become a little intrigued by makeup. Years ago you would not catch me in anything other than chapstick (walking around with dry lips is not what’s up). These days it rare I leave the house without having on eyeliner at the least. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t wear a full face daily, actually I only wear a full face onthe weekend. If I happen to wear a full face during the week it would have to be a special occasion, such as school pictures, graduation(I’m a preschool teacher) or I’m going somewhere right after work (which is rare). 

When I first got into makeup a few years ago I was all about Mac. Everything was Mac as time went on I started using other brands… I purchased cheaper shadows and lipsticks but stuf with higher end foundations. This was at a time when I wore a full face maybe 2 times a month.

Now that I’m doing my full face makeup more often I wanted to try new things. I decided to look into drug store brands. I ran into a few speed bumps because it was very hard to find my complexion but finally I scored some at Walmart.

Here are my swatches:

As you can see some were lighter, some were darker and some were very close. I think I can work with all but one. All in all. I think I will find my drug store staple!

Check out my video of me swatching these colors


Getting fit; My struggles with it as I’m getting older (warning non flattering pics included).

When I was younger I was able to eat what I want and gain I weight. This was a time in which I wanted to gain weight. I was very skinny and hated it. I tried all the weight gaining hacks and none of it worked.

As I’ve gotten older I slowly started gaining weight and I loved it. Most of my eating habits remained the same and I put in weight slowly.

There came a point where I was gaining weight I didn’t want lol, in other words my metabolism slowed down. So I changed my eating habits and was able to lose the weight I didn’t want and maintain the weight I did.

I began eating healthy, not as a diet, but as a lifestyle. Dieting just didn’t work for me. I had to change my whole way of eating. So for years I was a very conscious eater. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t only eating grass and bark but I didn’t overdo it when I did eat less health food.

Fast forward to me moving from New York to Georgia. My first 6 months living here I gained 20lbs!!! When I realized I was gaining weight and weighed myself I was shocked! I then made it a mission to lose the weight. I had a moment in which I loss 10 of the 20 lbs but gained it right back due to many things going on in my life.

Now I’m back at it. I need to lose these extra lbs. for me it’s not about a certain look. It’s about being healthy. I have a lot of medical issues that run in ny family and I need to take better care of myself. I’ve never been big on fried food but since living out here I’ve been living on wings.

What I am not going to do is deprive myself of things I enjoy. I am just going to make better choices when it comes to what I eat and when I eat it.

My latest journey begins now. 

This is my starting weight. My goal is not to necessary loose a bucket load of weight. I like when I’m 150-155 so that’s fine with me. I want to loose fat.

Here are some of my before body pics. My rolls, my pregnant looking belly… all that I will be working on.

I started my new journey (this is about my 5th one, lol don’t judge me) on Monday July 17th. I have since lost a couple of lbs, it’s a small about but progress is progress 

Here is my weight as of today:

My latest appreciation for flats.

Many that know me know how much I live in heels. For a while one could not find me outside of the house in flats. As I’ve gotten older and more practical (lol) I realize that flats are a must in some instances.  

I often though flats were ugly and did nothing for an outfit, but as I’ve begun my search of finding flats that suit me, I realized that my thinking was flawed. I began to find some flats that were not only cute but that fit my personal style.

Don’t get me wrong I am still a heels type of girl but instead of wearing heels 99% of the time, I wear them more like 89% of the time. Lol

Here’s a look I wore styles with flat sandals.


I paired my sandals with one of my $5 finds from none only than dollar general.

I purchased these cute blue flats from Here. Justfab and Shoedazzle are my go to places for most of my shoes.


I remember being a child having to wear overalls. I absolutely hated them . They were too complicated to work. I couldn’t put them on and/or take them off. Having to use the bathroom was a disaster. My little hands could not maneuver the latch. I dreaded wearing them every time my mom put them on me.

I never thought I would actually want to wear overalls again in my life but… when presented with the opportunity I couldn’t turn it down. The first thing I had to figure out was what size to get. Knowing what I know about overalls they have no stretch at all!

So for sizing I definitely wanted to size up since I have a bit of hip, thighs and booty. Thank goodness I made this decision because had I got my size they would not have gotten past my knees.

The great thing about overalls is the versatility. You can wear them with sneakers, flats and heels. I decided to rock mine with heels (of course, lol). I did style it down and throw on one of my favorite tees.

Check out how I styled them:

This tee was made for me yearsss ago Here.


Purse: Here

Shoes: Here

Palmers Coconut Oil formula Review.

This review is an unsolicited review. Now that that’s out of the way… here’s my review.

Ok, let me start by saying I am an ex product junkie. I had almost every product on the counters when I first went natural. Now I’m a minimalist when it comes to products. They are not only expensive at times (it adds up) but often a waste of money for me and my hair type. These days it’s hard for me to commit to buying a product. I decided to give this particular product a try. With my kinky hair it’s usually hit or miss so I wasn’t expecting too much.

I used these products on my wash day along with my usual wash day items. I did not use all the products pictured.

I tried the  conditioning shampoo which did not dry out my hair like usual shampoos do. I will add this to my list of shampoos. It lathered pretty well and as I stated my hair was not hard or dry. The smell was good which was a plus.

I added the repairing conditioner to my deep conditioner and it was a good add but not a necessity for me. I will try this product again alone when I wash my hair again.

I also used The curling styler on both my hair and my sons hair and it left my hair so soft. I absolutely love it and will definitely continue to use it and restock when I run out. It helps that it smells pretty good. 

I also used the edge control which did not justice to my kinky hair. I won’t be adding this to my rebuy list. I didn’t have high expectations of this since most edge control products don’t work for me, but it was worth a try.

All and all, I think the product is pretty good and would suggest it as a purchase.

Thanks for reading!

My life as a mom

Being a mom is one of the best parts of my life. It’s also the most stressful. Lol my son is my pride and joy. For those who have been reading my blog you know that I had my son at the age of 17. While my life wasn’t horrible it was definitely difficult being a teen mom. Bringing up a brown boy in a not so perfect neighborhood at a not so perfect age and no type of game plan was hard. All I knew is that I didn’t want him to become a statistic and to give him all the love and support I had to offer. 

There were trials and tribulations, we had many ups and downs. I cried many tears and sacrificed what was needed for him to be successful at whatever it was he did.

I remember when I first realized my son had an issue with his complexion. He came home and asked me why he was so dark. My heart broke into a thousand pieces but with all the strength and confidence I had I said because that’s how god made you and you’re beautiful!

I knew my words weren’t enough but I continued to reassure him that he was perfect. As years passed he hated taking pics, hated being out in the son and probably hated his complexion. We would talk about the beauty in his complexion. I wasn’t sure if it helped but I did it as often as possible.

Fast forward to recently, he told me he wanted to get into modeling. I was so happy because I am bias and think he will be great at it. Also it shows me that his confidence in him and his complexion has gone up.

Please if you can, take the time to follow his IG page Here and watch him grow.

Happy 4th of July.

Today all I want to do is eat some ribs and chicken. I know that there have been a lot of suffering for black ppl but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a day of eating and being with friends and family.

I’m American and while I know that I’m not very proud of this country right now I celebrate its independence by eating and being with friends and family. Any reason to do these 2 things I am here for. Lol. Happy 4th of July everyone.

For my outfit I wanted to be relaxed and comfy (needed to make sure I would be fine after eating. Lol) but still stylish and to not break the bank. 

Outfit deets:

Tee: Here– 2.98

Jeans: Here -7.98 I distressed the jeans myself. It’s pretty easy to do!

Shoes: Here– 39.95

Total: 50.91

Fashion on a Budget.

Living in the world that we live in people tend to equate fashion with money. That is not the case. I’ve seen some of the worse fashion with high price tags attached to it. I’ve also seen some great fashion that didn’t break the bank. Just because something is inexpensive doesn’t make it cheap. You can find great quality items for a low price. You just have to look.
This weekend I put together an outfit for under $100. This is so easy to do. It’s all about how you put things together.

Outfit frets:

Dress: dollar general (yes you read correct) $5.00

Shoes: Here – 39.95

Purse: Similar – 24.95

Total 69.90