Black and Beautiful 

This term sometime rattles people… those who are not black… “well aren’t we all beautiful?” Is the question that comes next. This question annoys me because… when has blackness been celebrated? And please don’t bring up Ms. Berry.

Yes, beauty comes in all shades. I see beauty all around me… but let’s be honest. When you saw “beauty” on TV, in the movies, and in magazines it was rare is was someone of color. Which lead many to believe, black isn’t as beautiful. 

If it makes you uncomfortable for a black women to celebrate her beautiful and that of her fellow black beauties you really should attempt to figure out why, especially since we had the most amazing and beautiful First Lady and she was talked about like a dog, yet someone who has a face full of work done is deemed as “stunning”. It’s amazing to me how things such as this can be over looked, ignored , and/or excused.

If my appreciation of the beauty of black, weather it be my black and others black offend you… I give no apology. 

Check out outfit details below.

Outfit deets: top Similar one here. Purse Here, jeans This is where I got them from. They have a big selection for a great price.

Shoes Here. 

5 Replies to “Black and Beautiful ”

  1. Shoes!!!
    And i completely agree wirh your sentiment. Not sure why celebrating us turns into “you mist hate everybody else”. Seriously? No one has ever said that about people who have been doing the same forEVER. And have torn others down in the process.

  2. It’s hard to be proud of being black, when no one else is proud of your race. I went to an predominantly white school and being black for them was foreign. We grew up in the same country, I was so aware of their culture, but they couldn’t understand mine. How can you admire something you don’t understand? It becomes envy…

  3. Yasss!! Black is beautiful and we must be proud of that. It is especially important for us and our young black girls to know that. If black wasn’t so beautiful they wouldn’t be so envious of it. We don’t call is #blackgirlmagic for nothing! Great post and love the shirt!

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