Jump Jump

Jumpsuits can be a very tricky piece of clothing to wear. As beautiful as they are there are so many things to take into consideration before even thinking about wearing jumper. The style of the jumpsuit, how flattering is that style going to be on you? The length of the jumpsuit, will it be too short or too long? The practicalness (not a word), how easy will you be able to maneuver it when having to go to the restroom.  Once you get that jumpsuit that you like it’s one of the easiest items to style.  

Lace Jumper from Here

Shoes from Here



Lady In Red

When I look at myself in colors such as red I think back to the times in which I only wore black. I was told when I was younger that because I was so dark I should not wear bright colors. I was told bright colors look bad on darker skin people. This was when I was pretty young and swayed by what people thought about me.

The older I became the more I left what others told me behind and began to dabble in color. Now at my age I am fully in when it comes to color. I wear almost every color there is. This time around… I wore all red.

Details on this look:FullSizeRender.jpgskirt set:(this set is an old set from my boutique) Similar

Shoes: Here

Necklace: Here



A Denim Thing

Ok, Ok so you caught me. I have this weird obsession with Denim. Its one of those materials that never go out of style. I have these denim pencil skirts that I simply love. They are long and fit like a glove. I wear them a few times a year. This time around I paired my denim pencil skirt with these beautiful shoes I’ve been wanting for a while.FullSizeRender 2

I cant remember where i got this top from but you can find some similiar Here



Purse: HereFullSizeRender 3FullSizeRenderIMG_7643

It’s All About The Bootie!

Open toe booties are those type of shoes you can have a love hate relationship with. When do you wear them? The summer? Isn’t it too hot to have a good portion of your foot covered in the summer? The winter? Now who wants their toes to freeze in the winter? Especially if its a winter like New York winters. So that leaves spring and fall. But why limit yourself? If you’re willing to risk it you can wear booties all year long. I mean, in fashion we take chances right? I am a lover of booties, I am THAT girl that wear them all year long. All for the love of fashion!IMG_7491

These booties( can be found Here) speak loud, they can be worn with all black and still make a statement, but those who know me know I prefer to be EXTRA LOUD. I paired it with this snake skin like dress, that can be found Here. I decided to  throw on some aggressive accessories with this yellow purse from Here , and my bangles are apart of my up and coming accessory line that is due to launch in September ( keep an eye out). The earrings are old and I can’t remember where I got them from, and my shades were purchased in Cali from an outdoor vendor.



The shoes come in another color -black

The purse comes in 3 other colors- Red, Taupe and Black.