Ok, Ok, So… almost everyone that knows me knows that i am a HUGE Beyonce fan. years ago I was an in the closet Bey fan but as time went on I just could not hide my appreciation of her and her music. With that being said, I have NEVER attended an Beyonce concert… shocker right? Iiiii Knowwww. After the On The Run Tour I made a promise to myself that I would make it to her next tour, so when the Super Bowl came on in February and she DID HER THANG I KNEW she would be announcing a tour, I just knew it. I was focused on the game when a good friend tagged me on a post talking about the Formation Tour. I was ecstatic. Fast forward to this past Tuesday. Tuesday I attended my First ( But hopefully not my last) Beyonce concert. It was AMAZING! the crowd was buzzing, the people were beautiful, and the atmosphere was electric.

The opening acts were great, (granted I didn’t know the name of everyone who performed) the crowds was amped up as each person came out, each act did their thing and left us “hyped” for Queen Bey! Here is who opened up the show DJ Khalid, French Montana,Travis Scott (who I thought was ASAP Rocky, lol),Busta Rhymes ,The down and the DM guy, Fabulous ,The I’m so special guy,The milly Rock guy,Kent Jones (my cousin told me his name),T.I, Fat Joe , and last but not least Remy Martin.  After they were done it took about a good 45 minutes for Beyonce to come out. When she came out honeyyyyyyyy, the crowd ( including myself) went wild. From start to end the show was amazing, from the various wardrobe changes to the sets. She had fire, confetti, and even water, yes water in stage. 

My love and appreciation for this strong, black, intellectual, business savvy woman grew even bigger. When I looked around in the crowd I saw a rainbow of people that came together on a windy  Tuesday night all to see her. There were Men, women, young old, gay, straight and various cultural backgrounds who all had one thing on their mind. Queen Bey. This experience was simply amazing and I am so glad I decided to go.

Here is what i wore:



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