Living My Life Like It’s Golden

I remember way back in the day when I had to wear a pleated skirt. I hated it. I thought they were so ugly. When I got old enough to iron I especially hated ironing them. They were soooo annoying .Fast forward to the present, I had the opportunity to purchase this metallic pleated skirt for my boutique and boy am I glad I did. This is the second time i wore it ( because those who know me know I have no problem repeating a piece of clothing), this time around I wore it with my Winslow pumps in blue and floral form Shoedazzle (I fell in love with them as soon as I received them). I threw on a short sleeve bodysuit and sleeveless jacket and I was ready to go.

Outfit deets:IMG_5256

Body suit: Here

Jacket: similar



Necklace: Here


IMG_5247FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 2

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Hue Affair

This past Saturday I decided to attend The Hue Affair. I didn’t purchase my ticket until the day prior and I still was unsure of if I was going to attend. Saturday morning I decided I needed to get out and network, make some connections and meet some new people. Next came the hard part. What was I to wear? I literally decided on my attire in 10 minutes. As usual I started with my shoes, everything came together.

Let me say, this event exceeded my expectations. I met some great people. Had small chatter with some “well known” natural hair gurus, and did a little shopping. They has some amazing vendors. The vibe was amazing, fun, exciting and comfortable. I ended the day with listening to some amazing information from Christina Brown ( Founder of LoveBrownSugar LLC)  Here is a little recap of the event, BUT first… here is what I wore.


I had no clue what to wear, I know I wanted to throw on this sleeveless jacket from boohoo ( no longer available). I paired it with a basic gold tee, a jacket from my boutique ( no longer available) I also paired it with a faux leather pencil skirt ( also not available) from my boutique. I ended the outfit with last year Justfab shoes.DSC_0708DSC_0709DSC_0710

I spent a lof of my time speaking to many of the vendors, meeting some natural hair b/vloggers and meeting a few new people. Below are some of the wonderful vendors and a few of the great b/vloggers I chatted with. The day ended with some amazing information from Christian Brown of LoveBrownSugar. I had an overall amazing time.

I had a great time. There were some amazing vendors who sold from bags to hair products to, head wraps.

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Cocktails With Claire


DSC_0649This past Saturday there was an event in NYC called Cocktails with Claire. I went last year and met some great people. This year around Claire ( Owner of Fashion Bomb Daily) decided to do it a little different. She started out with a brunch ( that i didn’t attend but really wish I did). Then she had a sip/shop/ and mingle. There were some amazing vendors, beautiful people, and the food and drinks were great. The Wonderful thing about it is that I got to link up with my girls, some of which I didn’t see in a little while. I had an absolutely amazing time catching up and networking with some new people.

Here is what I wore:


2 piece skirt set: Here

Shoes: Here

Necklace: Here

Coat: same vintage store


The light this day was simply AMAZING! I could not get enough.DSC_0656DSC_0654DSC_0653

The View was amazing also… DSC_0649DSC_0648DSC_0645DSC_0645DSC_0644DSC_0643


As you know Mothers’s Day was this past Sunday. This year Mother’s Day was very different for myself and my mom. My son was away at college. As far back as I can remember it has always been Myself, My mom and My son. My mom and I would exchange gifts,my son would give us his gift ( if he remembered to get one *rolls eyes, lol*) and we would go out to dinner. This year It was my mom and I. I took my mom to dinner at one of our favorite places. We both really enjoyed out time together. As much as we both love my son, some mother daughter one on one time was much needed. I hope everyone had a splendid mothers day!

One thing I was sure about for this day was that i wanted to wear these JustFab beauties (sandals). I was not disappointed.

Here is what I wore

IMG_4569IMG_4570Outfit deets:



Purse: Similar