Teen Mom Part 3

Between my sons age of 3.5- 5 I decided to go back to school, take on a part time job and put him in preschool. Once My son was in school I decided to continue my education. I started off going to a 2 year college. I didn’t know how successful I would be in school and honestly didn’t know much about college, starting off with 2 years seemed to be a safe choice. All I knew is that I wanted to get a degree and make life for my son a little easier. My major was Early Childhood Education, something I was seriously passionate about. School was not always easy, especially since I had a child. While I had a great support system with my mom and his father I still had to be a mom.

My second year of school, a semester away from graduating I had to stop going. Child care  became an issue, my mom changed jobs and his fathers hours changed. Leaving school a semester before I was suppose to graduate was heart breaking but was a sacrifice I had to make. People told me, once I stopped going I wouldn’t come back, they said it would be too hard. Just like they told me I would drop out of high school, or that I would be on child number two 2 years after my son was born. I was motivated to prove them wrong.

A year after  I stopped going to school I went back. I completed school and continued my education at a 4 year school. After returning I made no stops all the way to my Masters degree. All the while I gained a full time job and was a full time mother. Nothing came easy, everything was a struggle but a struggle that was well worth it. In undergrad and Grad school I graduated with honors, on both occasions my son got to witness me walk across the stage and accept my degrees.


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