Hair Me Now

FullSizeRender 5My hair is usually a topic of conversation when people first meet me. When I first chopped all of my relaxed hair off in 2011 it was a big deal. Not just for me but for many in my life. See my family has always had “long” hair. Some thick, some thin, some kinky, some less kinky, but all long. My Mother worded long and hard on maintaining our hair. Every Sunday she would line up myself and 2 (then 3) of my cousins and do our hair. It was generally always torture for me ( even when my hair was relaxed). At first my mom straightened our hair wit a straightening/hot comb. After burning my ear she switched to relaxing because I was terrified  of the hot comb, that burn scared me ( literally and physically).

My hair was relaxed once a month along with one of my other cousins. My other 2 cousins were relaxed once every 3-6 months. My hair was very kinky and “needed” to be relaxed that often. I did not know what It was for my hair to be in its natural state because my mom ( and soon I) never allowed it to get to that point.  for a very long time I was “addicted” to relaxing my hair, it was my norm, I knew nothing else. I had NO clue I could actually go natural and take care of my natural hair in its natural state.

In 2010 I was in this hair group and i began to gather information on natural hair, I slowly became interested in becoming natural. I wish I could say my decision to go natural was some deep reason. It wasn’t, I wanted to be able to swim ( something I enjoy doing) without the hassle of managing my relaxed hair all the time. Going natural was an option, and option I then decided to embark on. I began transitioning in mid 2010, I wore back to back weaved and it really aided in my transition. I decided to chop off my relaxed ends November 2011. The day I did it I text a friend and she encouraged me to do it. I don’t think she nor anyone else expected me to do it. I went in the bathroom, grabbed some scissors, grabbed a chunk of my hair and CUT. There was no going back.  My friend was in shock. My mom was upset and my son, well my son was

After that I had to deal with my hair, my hair being  length i was not use to, being a texture I was not use to. At first it was HARD, very HARD something not many people knew. I contimplated relaxing it once a month for the first 6 months. My hair was so kinky and no matter what I tried it didn’t help. It took me HOURS to style it and by that time my scalp was so soar. Then finally one day… It stopped being hard.I learned my hair. I fell in love with my hair. That day My love affair with my hair began.

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Vintage Jacket and Paper Bag Pants

As I was looking through one of my coat closets I came upon a Jacket I purchased from a vintage thrift store but never wore ( this happens more times then I like). I took the jacket out and started thinking about what I could pair it with. I then went into my regular closet and found a pair of pants I haven’t worn un a while and figured I would pair it with the jacket.

On this day My hair was acting crazy, so i threw it in my definition of a side ponytail. My allergies to make a guest apperence but the show must go on. I paired the jacket and pants with a tee I’ve worn many times before and a pair of my new favorite pumps. Image13


My Fit:

Jacket: thrifted vintage

Tee: from Curlskinksfashion ( the website is currently down) similar

Pants: similar

shoes: here


Denim And Boots

The best thing about denim is that it can be worn all year long. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It is one of those materials that transcends through time. I don’t think I will every get tired of denim. The last time I wore this particular denim piece I wore it as a top. On this day I wanted to show some legs and rock these high lace up boots.

Here is what I wore:


Top/Dress:  Here

Boots: Here

Necklace: Here

Handbag: This bag was a limited edition but here is a similar ones Similar


Weight Loss Update

Going on the journey of weight loss can be difficult for many. I am one of them. I love food and snacks. I have decided to take control of my weight loss. 2 weeks ago I started with doing 2 shakes and 1 meal. My breakfast shake consisted of kale, spinach, celery, carrots, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. My lunch shake was Kiwi ( which I found out I am allergic to), strawberries and bananas, and my dinner meal was lettuce, spinach salad and grilled chicken. I did this for a week, with in this time I loss 7 pounds. Along with my meals I began waist training again. This is super uncomfortable and I am sure may people have heard horrible things about it. I can only give testimony on my experience.

When I was waist training last year I got amazing results. After a while you forget you have the trainer on. Not only does it “shape” you but it prevents you from over eating. If you eat too much the trainer becomes extremely uncomfortable. My experience with waist training has been nothing but good. I simply want a more defined and curvy waist. I don’t want an crazy animated look waist… My preference is the more natural look.


Here are my 2 week results, this is with NO gym. My hopes are to start working out soon.


Mom and Fashion

Last week my son came home to visit for spring break. His last break we did not get to spend much time together, but this time around we made sure to pick a day to hang out. Being a mom of a young man picking out what you wear can be stressful. While I enjoy fashion I didn’t want to over do it, but I also wanted to be comfortable. Of course before leaving the house I had to get his stamp of approval. He didn’t like my shirt but gave me the OK. Our day out was enjoyable. We went see the movie Race ( it was amazing I suggest everyone go see it), after the movie we went to catch a bite to each. At this moment we caught up on what was going on in both of our lives.

Here is what I wore:FullSizeRender 2

Black leather moto jacket ( One of my FAVORITE jackets):

Dark shades: Here

Peplum belt:  Similar

Animal print pencil skirt: Here

Red booties: Similar

Over sized handbag: Similiar

And a few of my favorite accessories, Medium sized earring, layered necklaces and Bangles.


Stairway To Fashion

Sometimes a woman wants to just throw on a dress, put on some makeup, fix up her hair and feel that extra dose of sexy. This dress defiantly helped me feel extra sexy. I feared wearing this dress at first because of the deep V in front of the dress, but once I tried it on I was in love. This little black dress is not for the faint of hearts. you have to be bold and daring to rock this. While this dress is revealing it is comfortable to wear and flattering on many body types.

What I wore:

FullSizeRender 15

Dress: Here

Clutch: ( Alternative) Here

Shoes:( alternative) HereFullSizeRender 12FullSizeRender 11FullSizeRender 10FullSizeRender 13FullSizeRender 14

Stripes and Yellow

Stripes can often be a tricky pattern. Sometimes strips can make you appear bigger than you are, sometimes strips can show the imperfection you may want to hide or sometimes they can just be flat out unflattering. Rocking this two pice set was an obstacle for me.  I wanted to wear this two piece on my BoyFriends birthday and had always planned it in my head. When I tried it on I did not like it at all, I decided to wear it anyway. To take away from how unflattering it made me I paired it with shoes that were louder that the stripes. I decided on yellow because it paired with the stripes nicely.



Unfortunately because of my necklace there was a harsh glare.

Here is what I wore.


Stripped skirt set: Here

Necklace: Here

Clutch: This clutch is sold out but here is another yellow clutch  Here



Teen Mom Part 3

Between my sons age of 3.5- 5 I decided to go back to school, take on a part time job and put him in preschool. Once My son was in school I decided to continue my education. I started off going to a 2 year college. I didn’t know how successful I would be in school and honestly didn’t know much about college, starting off with 2 years seemed to be a safe choice. All I knew is that I wanted to get a degree and make life for my son a little easier. My major was Early Childhood Education, something I was seriously passionate about. School was not always easy, especially since I had a child. While I had a great support system with my mom and his father I still had to be a mom.

My second year of school, a semester away from graduating I had to stop going. Child care  became an issue, my mom changed jobs and his fathers hours changed. Leaving school a semester before I was suppose to graduate was heart breaking but was a sacrifice I had to make. People told me, once I stopped going I wouldn’t come back, they said it would be too hard. Just like they told me I would drop out of high school, or that I would be on child number two 2 years after my son was born. I was motivated to prove them wrong.

A year after  I stopped going to school I went back. I completed school and continued my education at a 4 year school. After returning I made no stops all the way to my Masters degree. All the while I gained a full time job and was a full time mother. Nothing came easy, everything was a struggle but a struggle that was well worth it. In undergrad and Grad school I graduated with honors, on both occasions my son got to witness me walk across the stage and accept my degrees.


Fringe Is In

Brunch is such the norm. Going to brunch on a Saturday or Sunday has become one of my favorite things to do. This day I had 10 minutes to get dressed. I had no idea what I was going to wear so within those 10 minutes I had to figure that out as well. My way of doing things specifically when I am in a rush is to work around my shoes. Once I picked out the shoes I was going to wear the rest came Easy. On a beautiful day in New York, I decided to throw on a thrifted sweater and a faux leather fringe skirt.

Details on my outfit:FullSizeRender

Boots ( these boots are currently sold out but there are many other cut out boots you can get Here )

Sweater: the sweater is thrifted


Clutch: Here

FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 9

Cape Love

On this windy day the weather was a bit confused. while it was extremely windy it wasn’t too cold. it was cold enough for a sweater but did not warrant a heaver over coat so I opted for my thrifted cape.

Capes are extremely hard to wear, while they are cute and stylish, it is hard to determine when exactly to wear one. If it is too cold you will freeze, most capes are not every warm. If you wear it when it is to warm out you run the risk of being too hot. On this the the weather proved to be perfect for a cape.2016-01-18 00.51.56

My wardrobe consisted of many Items I’ve had for years

I paired my thrifted cape with

Jeans: These Jeans are super old but similar ones can be found Here

Sweater: This sweater is from Banana Republic from last year you can find a similar one Here

Cape coats are easy to find you can find a cute one Here

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