On The Last Nice Day

DPP_0041Today NYC is freezing, you hear me? FREEZING, I know, I know, I should not be complaining, because honestly, so far, we have NOT had a bad winter. The weather has been amazing. Who would have thought after last years brutal winter that I would be able to go outside with no coat on in the middle of winter and not feel cold? If New York were continues to have winters like this I may reconsider staying. lol

I don’t know if I told you’ll before but I don’t think my “style’ has a name. I like a little bit of everything. I LOVE vintage but I enjoy modern pieces as well. I LOVE loud colors and prints, but I enjoy toning it down as well. I LOVE showing my curves, but I also enjoy being covered up. All is determined by what I wake up feeling like. On this day I wanted to mix a little old with a little new.

This top I am wearing is a vintage top that can be worn as a jacket. The padded shoulders are what I think gave this look a little “pop”. I belted the top, and paired it with a simple tube skirt, Mary Jane shoes and some bobby socks. As you can see I’m not HUGE on matching so i went with this beautiful clutch from my favorite bag designer.


DPP_0047DPP_0046DPP_0045You can get any vintage top from one of my favorite IG vintage stores Here

similiar skirt: here

Bobby socks: here

This shoe is old and sol out almost everywhere but you can find a similar one Here

Clutch: This was a limited edition clutch but of course you can find some of her amazing bags Here



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