Fur and Lace

Why is it that we ( women) have a closet full of clothing but we’re always scrambling for something to wear when we go out? This is what happened to me the other day. I knew about these plans for a while but, for some reason I waited until the last minute to try and  figure out what to wear. On this occasion I was going to brunch to celebrate a friends birthday. Now, everyone who knows me know I love me some brunch.  Brunch is my favorite meal (lol). So of course I was beyond stoked about attending, but what was I going to wear?

The day of the bunch I could not figure out what to wear. Finally at the last minute I picked out something from my online boutique and made it work. It was this lace and faux leather dress that I had been contemplating wearing for most of the morning. At first I was going to go with separates but I did not feel like stressing myself out (lol,a bit dramatic I know). Separates can be a headache and dresses are small blessings, they  are an easy fit, with the right shoes and accessories. Since this dress was pretty busy all on its own I decided to stay true to me but tried to stay as simple as possible.

I went with a Leopard belt to bring a bit of “color” to the look with out being too bright or too dull. Then since it was pretty nice out ( minus the rain) I knew I could pull off a look in which I didn’t have to wear tights. I threw on a pair OTK books and accessorized with bangles, a watch and dangling earrings. Not too simple and not too over the top.

Outfit details:

Dress: http://www.myseleganceboutique.com/Dagger-2205.htm

Boots: http://www.myseleganceboutique.com/SPARKLES-2-2101.htm

Similar fur: http://angelsvintageboutique.bigcartel.com/product/amazing-classy-auth-mink-coat-size-small



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